Sunday, February 12, 2006

Need a light!

Oh what day it has been. Since this morning I’ve been loaded with stressors already. Nothing serious though… haay to start with, I got home early morning already, around past 2:00 in the morning and I had to remind myself that my Saturday duty is 8:00 AM! I can’t be late, I’ve compromised to Weng that I’d lend her my Momonja for the seminar she’s facilitating (it’s on-going now). Simply put, I have to wake up early and that gives me only 3 and a half hours to sleep. Great. When I’m about to leave, Jona asked a favor, she wants me to pass some documents to SSS on Monday. I can’t say no since my school is near the said office. I just can’t say no to my pregnant cousin. But Monday is really one of the most toxic days for me, academically speaking. Okay I said yes *sigh*. Then I’m off to work. I got in early. I went straight to Weng’s office. Now the price for borrowing my laptop, a breakfast at Starbucks. Yay! I’m so excited already, it’s not everyday that you’d get a free breakfast at your favorite coffeehouse huh. Now I’m instructed to wait at my office, she’ll call me when she’s ready… off to my work station when my cellphone rang (SMS). It’s my cousin, Jona. Now what? Our padlock won’t open. It’s a combi-system lock. Now the number is replaceable. I bet she accidentally reset it. It’s a good thing that our old combi-lock is still around *sigh again*. Back at the office. Had my breakfast at Starbucks alright. Whew, everything about it just feels good… so good… and now the seminar, I brought Momonja at the function hall of MDH. The LCD was set-up, I turned on Momonja, put on the LCD connector and walah, the desktop won’t display! I had an FMD staff with me. Damn, I was looking for Jeff! Where is Jeff? He’s the one who specialize in such problems, but lo and behold it’s his off. Great. I asked Weng to call an IT staff. Alas! it's Mr. "there is no Hard disk"came up! Now where is the veteran? Oh man, the people you need are not around. I don’t trust Mr.... He got in the IT office because of his connection to an influential doctor… He’s not really good with computer. He’s not even an IT graduate. Okay, I can see that he had no idea how to troubleshoot. Damn, it took us 10 years to figure out the problem. Well, it turned out that my PC slowly detected the new hardware connected. If it was Jeff who was there I wouldn’t even need to call the IT. Okay I’m going down… back to my office… my usual habit when walking, put my hands in my pocket and there goes another problem. My office keys! Now I was sure I put them in my pocket. Not! I remembered that I opened our steel cabinet and I left the keys in the lock. Oh what a great day it is, thought to myself. I went down anyway and called an FMD staff again. After 10 years of waiting, a blue boy came (FMD Staff). Hey where’s his x-ray film? Yup they use x-ray film for this situation. And yes, the QM office’ keys have no duplicate under the care of the Central Service or Security Service. We are actually supposed to surrender a duplicate for instances like this. But we at QM are bunch of hard-headed employees, that we are not even aware of such protocol. And we are the “QUALITY” Management office huh? Now back to the blue boy, I wonder where he went because he got back with a broken x-ray film. And again, it took us another 10 years, when he decided to break the clutch. Haay, why did I ended-up with such incompetent staff? This scenario happened to me when I was still in HR but the FMD staff who helped me did it in very few minutes… but most importantly, these misfortunes… are liable to… me… yeah, I’m stupidest person around (just now ok). Lesson no. 1 – never buy something unless you’re a master of using it. More so, never compromise it to something you’re not even sure if it’d work… I should’ve ask Weng to test the laptop prior to the seminar. Good thing that Mrs. Vinuya (the speaker, our Chief Dietitian) had so much more to discuss that didn’t need visual aid. I have to start learning the hardware aspect of computer (geez, I hope I do have the time). Lesson no. 2 – never leave the office without your keys with you! Oh when will I ever learn… I admit that I do have problem with my short-term memory… Lesson no. 3, inform you’re room mate the specs of anything you bought for the room that she’d eventually be using… lesson no. 4, there’s nothing wrong with following the company policies, is there? Hehehe…. Oh well, we all learn from our mistakes don’t we?

Anyways... after work I decided to drop by at Feata Bookstore. It has a different name, I forgot though. I had to pick up my 200 worth of gift, any item I want. I also wanted to update my manga (hard copies) collection for so long, especially Ruroken. Mission partially accomplished hehehe… why, I wanted at least 4 tankoubon, but I only got 2. The other tankoubons available, I have acquired before already. Hmmm, I still have to wait for their next shipment. In addition, got myself Tokyo Babylon vol. 7 and XXX Holic vol. 6. Yay! Thanks to these stuffs I have totally forgotten all the misfortunes I encountered this morning hehehe…

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