Saturday, February 25, 2006

No matter how I put it, this country is hopeless… yesterday we’re okay. The next day you turn on the TV and you see some demonstration in the historic EDSA shrine. Oh please, how many times do we Filipinos have to see this scenario? This is really pathetic, I don’t give a damn, but hell I’m a Filipino, as much as I hated, I can’t do anything but be annoyed! Anyways, what’s really annoying is that it’s affecting the future events that I might be attending. Like , for Pete’s sake, I have a concert to attend tomorrow. The very first time that I’ll be in a concert, and it’s no ordinary band! Because it’s a J-pop band! Yes, real Nihonjin-tachi. Worse, the venue is Shangri-la Plaza, now where is it? It just happen to be one Train station away from EDSA shrine. Great huh? Now I’m afraid that Sherry would back out coming with me! Good heavens, why does this always happen to me?!

Anyway, I’m already at chapter 67 of Hunter X Hunter. Now I’m starting to appreciate more the manga version. There was never, as far as I could remember, a mention about the defense weapon of the Mafia group – the Injyuus! Yay, but disappointingly, they were far weaker than the Generyodan. Also, I’m so amazed at Miruki’s figurine collection. Haha, it was just a glimpse, but Miruki has Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama and even Sailormoon in his collection. Kawaii!!! I only have Yusuke in my collection *sigh*. And of course, like any other manga versus anime version, there was more room for character development. Senritsu, for one, her existence and objective for joining Nostrad’s group of bodyguard was explained. And I’m really loving it. All hail to Yoshihiro Togashi! Killua is so kawaiiiiiii!!!!

Hmmm, since I lost my cellphone already, for my regular (blog) visitors, Maui and Ikari, I hope to see you tomorrow at Shangri-la…

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