Thursday, February 09, 2006

KiD at 23...

Okay, it was my 23rd birthday yesterday! In the end my wish didn’t come true. I just wanted a greeting from… Guess I’m totally forgotten huh… Anyway, as I have told Mike last night, I’m still not happy but this is a lot better than last year. He came, and brought us 2 Yellow Cab pizza… thanks to him, I had a birthday celebration. Lee and Nagi came too. We went to Starbucks after my duty. I treated them this time using my credit card *sigh* as much as I want to avoid using it… anyways, we had a chit chat till 11:30 PM I think… Mike gave me bunch of stuffs. This man really wants to make me smile (“,x). He gave me a Totoro stuff toy, 9x12 Canson Sketchpad, “Black Lotus” by Laura Joh Rowland, a sketch of me (again hehehe) inspired from the Animax marathon, and a mini CD wherein he put his dedication in Flash format. Cool huh. Sometimes I feel bad that I can never return the favor he’s doing for me... I told him a million times already. But he has become one of my FEW trusted friends… anyway, I’d like to thank also these people who greeted me yesterday (thru text): Ivy, Richard, Kara, Argiel, Colleen, Cheska, May, Aish, Nagi, Lee, Jeff, Butchoy, Mariel, Sri, Lynn, Rose, Ma’am She, Jason, Mike Fajardo, Mike Felix (sheez, too many Mike!), Sherry, Doraemon, and Glaiza.… and of course people at the office. Nagi gave me an Astroboy stationery, sweet huh (“,x)

Office news! Ma’am Glenda is leaving MDH. She’ll be here until this Friday only. So saddening huh? Everyone’s leaving. Also, Mabel’s last day was last Sunday (Feb. 5). She’s leaving for Kuwait… so that leaves 11 Docs Team members. Huhuhu… I’m gonna miss them… So much for bad news, Have I mentioned that I passed the IQA Training last week? Just before I went to the Animax 24-hr Anime Marathon challenge, passers were announced! To my surprise, I even ranked third! Way to go huh? I audited, together with our Chief Security Officer, Mr. Bong Ramos, 7F (yesterday) and 8F (today) Nurse Stations. Hohum, maybe it’s not for me, I find it boring to study their systems… but I’ve been inquisitive I believe, but some Nursing Practice issues are still vague to me. Tomorrow we’ll be auditing Wing C station *sigh*…

More good news (really?) Miyazaki’s “Howl’s Moving Castle” is again nominated at Oscars for Best Animated Feature! Yay! It’ll be competing with Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” and “Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of Were Rabbit”. I haven’t seen the two competitors, but I’m very confident that Howl’s has a good chance of winning. Wanna bet? Hehehe… Gosh, I’m hearing “4 Seasons of Loneliness” again. Valentines day is coming and I’m still… haay.. next topic pls. I’ve finally seen FMA movie and I was surprised and glad to know that L`Arc~en~ciel songs were used as opening and ending theme! By the way, I watched it the next day after the 24-hour marathon! Now I know that I can actually watch anime 24 hours straight and watch more the next day! That makes me a certified anime addict huh. The movie was good really, I’m not mentioning the details, I don’t want to be a spoiler, but I highly recommend it!

Anyway, check those screen caps of my birthday celebration. I forced them (officemates and friends) to sing me happy birthday hehehe. Just so I could blow a candle and make a wish hehehe... but my wish didn't come true ='(

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