Sunday, January 08, 2006

Today is my parent’s 28th Wedding anniversary! Kanpai to Momonji and Fofodsie (hehehe, I call them like that)! I’m very thankful that I never really encountered even just a bit of becoming one of those children who came from a broken family. I’m not saying that we are a perfect family. We do have internal mishaps that sometimes even I cannot stand, but they are usually misunderstanding among my siblings. I can never blame my parents on our own course of actions, because from my deepest awareness, we were reared aptly. We were neither spoiled nor mistreated. We are rewarded for good deeds and punished for bad actions/habit. Though I know how hard-headed and egoistic my siblings and I are, I can never attribute it on how my parents have handled us. Hey, I’m a psychology graduate, and I’m confident that my notions are correct. And my parents, I must say, are perfect example of how couples should be. I mean, they are still sweet to one another through the years. My mom is a year older than my dad. I wouldn’t believe that they never argue, but I really have never seen them fight seriously. My mom is strict while my dad is lenient, more often than not, he would concede with my mom’s argument. My mom is really lucky that she ended up with someone so generous. Well, my dad is lucky too, he ended up with a very gorgeous lady hahaha. And they are faithful to one another. Anyways, I’m alone in the office again, and I just greeted them (via phone) Happy Anniversary. They’ll be going out to celebrate. To Monji and Fodsie, I’m so proud of you and I love you so much! *muahhhuggs* (“,x)

NOTE: my parent's pic in their early 40's hehehe... sweet...

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