Friday, November 18, 2005

I can breath now....

Haay, it’s been a while eh?! I’ve been very busy the last few days. I never got the chance to tell what happened last November 13 at the Hero TV day event. I went on with my cosplay plan as Uchiha Sasuke. Man it’s raining Sasuke (and other Naruto cosplayers) there. I think I spotted 6 or 7 Sasuke, including myslef *sigh* and it’s kinda intimidating because I didn’t get to furnish my costume… first I don’t have the bandage on my lower hind limbs. Then I don’t have the Uchiha clan logo at the back of my shirt. Lastly, I don’t have enough props, I was only able to buy the kunai at the Comic Alley booth… I don’t have shurikens… but one thing I could say, I am a bishie Sasuke hehehe. The Sasuke who won the “most accurate” award was also bishonen, and he's my favorite sasuke cosplayer hehehe (see pics). Another thing, it’s raining bishonen cosplayer hehehe… the female Naruto cosplayer, the black Sasuke (both female), my favorite Sasuke(his real name is miguel)… and of course my favorite cosplayer, Kadaj! His name is Michael Chua, he’s so cute, and he definitely has a lot of fans there hehehe. He was a finalist on the first day of the event. It’s kinda new for me to go on an event and join the cosplay without my friends with me, but I went on just fine and i'm thankful that i'm starting to overcome my stage fright. And contrary to what Chris had told me last Saturday, I enjoyed HERO TV day. My only regret was that I didn’t get to register as a member of HERO TV club or whatever that is. Attendees are required to register otherwise they can’t enter the event. But being a cosplayer gave me the privilege of passing the back entrance (exclusive for cosplayers and organizers) without going through the process for regular attendees. And being alone in this event left me no choice but to mingle with other cosplayers which I actually enjoyed. I roamed and roamed around, had pics with other cosplayers. I bought a personalized souvenir badge pin at Comic Alley booth, advance ticket for UPAME fair on Nov. 26, and of course the Kunai. I didn’t get to eat lunch, the food were expensive although they don’t look like they would pass my taste buds hehehe. I also got a Sasuke keychain (freebies for cosplayers)… the event finished at around 5:00 PM. Then I headed back to office…

*sigh* our ISO Certification audit was the next day (Monday) so I had to work. The last three days, were the longest days I’ve been awake, I’m working for STRAIGHT 24 hours! Then I’d sleep for 2-3 hours, then work again…. Man I was really really exhausted. And now the audit is over, I can have longer sleep again, whew… and I can go back to school, yay, I’ve been absent for one week already, damn I have to catch up! The good news, our Hospital will be certified!!!! Whooot!!!! After so many sleepless nights! I’m so happy that our efforts paid off. But it isn’t time to fully celebrate, we have 4 minor NCs to close, which I know my boss can take care of hehehe. What I’m looking forward now is the UPAME fair, because I intend to push through with my Subaru plans. I’ll just have to decide which of Subaru’s outfit would I wear hehehe. I heard that there’ll be group cosplayers of X and Tsubasa Chronicles, I hope it’s true, can’t wait to mingle with them, after all, Subaru appeared in both series hehehe. Yay, it’ll be raining CLAMP!

I'm posting some of my Sasuke pics now, enjoy! (",x)


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