Tuesday, November 08, 2005

2nd sem!

haay, it's the start of 2nd semester... back to cramming... expect that i'd get tanned again. I still got the same sched, except that my sundays would be free, because my NSTP's Prof remarked "dropped" in my class card hehehe... no big deal really... it's a good thing that i'd get 1 of my rest day back hehehe. The important thing is that i passed my major subjects. =)

I noticed that our class had reduced, then i learned from FA dept. head that around 40% of my classmates has not yet enrolled yet... if they have plans of enrolling, then that'd be just fine. If not, i feel sorry for them. I didn't see Emard. He's one of the outstanding FA students we got, I hope he won't stop this sem... it happens a lot, students dropping school due to financial reasons.

I have to say, I missed my classmates especially my 'yoyo' buddy, Mark. I'm happy to see them again and it feels good to be in school again hehehe... but this means more hectc days to come (damn, i didn't even feel i had a break!)

well, great news, 2 Anime events coming for this month! I already knew about the UPAME event on Nov. 26 but the Hero TV on Nov. 12-13 was such a short notice, or was i just too busy to read the notice hehehe... Damn! I wanted to cosplay Subaru Sumeragi so badly but i really have no time. I only have sasuke as my ace, good thing i bought his costume... but i still don't know if i'll make it. Most probably i could attend, but cosplay, my mind was set on Nov. 26 event... we'll see

Ah, good news, I asked for reservation for the Roy Mustang figure at SM Manila Toy department hehehe, i told the sales crew that i'd get it on Thurs! Can't wait to claim it! Also, I'm so happy to see another Laura Joh Rowland title at Book Mags! What a good start for the 2nd sem! Hope this goes on and on ^-^x

By the way, 12 hours to go and my cousin is getting married! Kanpai for Jona and Bong!!!!

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