Friday, October 21, 2005

Haay, thank God that our pre-ass audit was through. We here at the office took our vacation leave yesterday. We’ve been rendering straight duty last weeks. I can’t believe that I stayed in the office working for straight 25 hours! Well, not really straight, I took a snooze for more than an hour. But it was really a major energy vacuum..

Anyways, I went home to my province (Tanay, Rizal) yesterday and now I feel a little refreshed… and I’ve been really longing for my bed there hehehe, I’ve always say this but I’ll say it again, there’s no place like home… ah...

I have good news, I just learned that Kodansha will animate XXX Holic! Again, I’m so friggin’ excited! But then again, I haven’t even finished watching TRC and here comes another CLAMP series that I’ve been following hehehe. There’s also a bad news though, my Typography is at stake… and I don’t want to tell the details, all I could do is pray *sigh* anyways… it’s been so long that I didn’t talk to Chris through phone, the last time was more than 2 months I think. Also, Aish let me organize the next PJWFL EB this coming Saturday… I’m excited to see them… I miss my friends… I miss hanging out… By the way, I finally had my hair cut, I’ll be posting some new pics soon. I’m bidding goodbye to my hair, so I’m posting one last haggard looking hair hehehe.

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