Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Personality and Country Compatibility Test

I took this from the TRC Character Guidebook (TRC Fans, get this book at any cost!). This is really cute and fun. Here are my results:

Personality: Fai D. Flowright – The Popular One Who Seems to Have Everything

You’re upbeat and you seem to be able to do everything better than the average person. Everyone around you likes you. But when pressed, people think you’re a little capricious.

Fai is the wizard of snowy land, the Country of Ceres. In order to run from King Ashura, he joined Shaoran’s group to travel from world to world. He includes himself easily in plans and he has a casual, talkative style. But under his quick smile, his true heart sometimes peeks out from where it is hidden. He has made a vow not to use magic when he gave away his markings as his price to travel words. Even in deep trouble, he keeps his vow.

Fai’s famous line: “I have to run away to any number of worlds”

Recommended Country: Country of Jade – A Country of an Old Castle and Forest Where Legends Sleep

You want to travel to a world steeped in legends and old tales, and this is the location for you. But there’s also plenty of books and literature so be sure to enjoy a good mystery.

The country of Jade surrounds one in thick forests with the ground covered in a carpet of snow. Shaoran and the party came to the town of Spirit in this country after hearing rumors that led them to believe that it may have one of Sakura’s feathers (of course). However, because of the cases of disappearing children happening one after another, the people are living in an era of terrible unrest.

Legend: there’s a legend in Spirit of a Golden-haired princess who took the town’s children away. Many of the willagers are convinced that there is some connection with the legend and the present missing children.

Climate: Spirit is located in the cold northern part of the country of Jade. During winter, it’s cold penetrates wight through the bone (ouch!)

Culture: In a snowy country, it’s difficult to grow crops in the best of times and so the people live frugally. The main method of transportation is horse.

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