Sunday, June 22, 2008

KiD's Toy

I have so many things to do, so many things to finish but when I get hooked to something I tend to forget my responsibilities -sigh-.

I'm currently addicted to Kodomo no Omocha by Obana Miho. It's a shoujo manga. Kurata Sana is a child star who wants a normal life at school. Things are not as easy as they seem. The delinquent Hayama Akito is a hindrance to Sana's ideals. He leads a group who terrorize the class which made it hard for the teacher to conduct a class. And so the dream of a "normal"school life shattered in Akito's hands. But Sana is not your typical weak school girl. She decided to stop Akito at any cost. In the pursuit to stop him, Sana discovered a lot of things about Akito which made her want to change him, which resulted into, uhm well you know... Sounds like your typical school drama but this series really hooked me. It's funny, endearing and cute cute cute! I love it! It reminds me of Furuba and CCS minus the magic and curse.

I learned the perils of childrent wanting to grow up, acting like adults but still the fact remains that they are just kids. Like most shoujo manga, it tackles friendship, love, dreams, perseverance and responsiblities. These kids have a great sense of responsibility...

Responsibility Kid!

Ack >.<

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