Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy 159th Birthday Kenshin!

Kanpai to the greatest anime hero ever created! Today I decided to feature some of Kenshin’s lines that really moved me. I got them from the manga version. Here they are:

Now I will deliver Tenchu (NOTE: yes it did move me!)

As long as I can remember what human warmth feels like

I didn’t mean to deceive you, but, it’s just something that I don’t want to talk about

It’s an important swordman’s nature to know his own strength as well as his opponent’s

Watch me from the depths of hell I say… If deep within I’m a hitokiri, I will control myself to the end

Both the Ishin and Bakufu Samurai were forced to fight for their own beliefs. However it was not a war about who was right, but a war about what was best for our country

Someone I parted with in Tokyo said the something like that to me. But I never expected to hear those words in Kyoto

I can’t die! There’s no reason for me to die here. Someone is still waiting for me to come back. Nothing is stronger than the will to live

Which side was right is up to the future generations. What we can do is believe what we know ourselves to be true… and fight for it

Life is many things… A journey but not a separation, a beginning not an end. It’s disheartening but that’s the way things are

On that cold, cold day, two feelings were frozen – grief and hatred. And after 15 years, the frozen feelings start moving under one smile

Okay there has to be more but I can’t seem to find my old files hehehe… Did these words touch your heart? They will if you read the manga. (“,x)