Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Survey #2: The First 13 Songs

This one is from Kath. List the first 13 songs you ca think of right now. Then answer the questions below.

1. Dive To Blue
2. Raison D'etre
3. Komm Susser Tod
4. 4 Seasons of Loneliness
5. Summer of '69
6. Dance Inside
7. Talk Shows on Mute
8. Dreams
9. In My Life
10. Nakayoshi
11. Brand New Breeze
13. Kimi Ni Fureru Dakede

1.)who do u remember when u hear no. 4?
♥ ack!!! next question onegai!

2.)does no.8 make u happy?
♥ YES!!! Very!

3.)has no. 3 made u cry?
♥ Yes, it's my funeral song hehe

4.)in what occasion did you hear no. 9?
♥ I hear it randomly when I'm working on my laptop

5.)do u miss no.10?
♥ No I have it in my cel, I always listen to it beofore I sleep =)

6.)which lyrics do u like the best from?
♥ summer of '69

7.)do u imagine something when u hearno.2?
♥ YEAH!!! nostalgic

8.)who do u remember when u hear no. 6?
♥ Si Diego haha... I got it from his site kasi..

9.)when was the last time u heard no. 11?
♥ just now

10.)how about no.8?
♥ a while ago

11.)do u often sing no.1?
♥ I used to...

12.)have u sung no.7 to anyone?
♥ NO

13.)does no. 10 inspire ur life?

14.)does no. 05 show how you truly feel?
♥ YES!

15.)what do u feel wen u hear no.7?
♥ neutral. Basta I like the song

16.)do u smile when u hear no 12?

17.)when was the first time u heard no.1?
♥ OMG, 6 yrs ago hahaha

18.)if u could dedicate no. 9 to someone,who would it be?
♥ a lot of people

20.)does no. 7 mean a lot to u?
♥ Yes, I remember HXH manga whenever I hear it

21.)what's so special about no 10?
♥ something I can't explain...one thing, I remember scene from Honey & Clover hehehe

22.)would u sing no.11 to anyone? to who?
♥ I dunno... haven't checked translation hehehe

23.)does no.8 remind u of someone?
♥ Myself (",x)

24.)what memory comes to ur mind when uhear no.5?
♥ My memories... best days of my life

25.)do u want to hear no 12 right now?
♥ yes

26.)can u remember clearly the first time u heard no 13?
♥ YES! the start of 3rd season of Ruroken =)

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