Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fodsie’s Day!

Greetings to all dads out there, good or bad, thin or fat. THIS IS YOUR DAY. Kanpai!

Today, I’ll talk about the BEST dad the earth has ever known. My dad of course. I’m pretty sure you’d think of the same thing about your dad but on THIS blog, Fodsie is the BEST FATHER ever!

Teehee I call him Fodsie, it’s my pet name for him hehehe. It started when I was a LOT younger when I realized “daddy” is plain and boring so I decided to call him “Fodi” (pronounced as Fowdee). It’s MY slang term for “father”. Then it evolved to “Fodi Dodi” (Fido Dido influence hehehe), later to “Fodsie Dodsie”, to “Fofodsie”… and I don’t know what’ll be next.

I call my mom Momonji while I call ALL my siblings PANGET hehehe.

Oh yeah, this space is all about Fodsie…

A lot of people think I look so much like my dad. When I was young, I didn’t like the idea. I’ve always thought my mom has better physical features, which will forever be the truth, and it felt unfair that I’m the only one among my siblings who has the pure “Madarang” features. I’ve always felt that the Alvarez genes should be dominant in my blood. But I started to accept the idea (and love it) when I started to understand how GREAT my dad is.

I experienced a time in my life when my dad is not around. He worked in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before and we (family) all felt the loneliness and incompleteness. The parting at the airport always felt so heavy even for a young mind like me. SOMETIMES I felt selfishly thankful for the Gulf War or else my dad would still be working in Saudi. When he came back for good, I started to know more about my dad and started to feel proud.

He took the role of preparing our breakfast before going to work. On weekdays, he helps my mom with the laundry and cooking. When we (siblings) were still studying, he helped us in our studies on areas that we had difficulties. I remember, back in our high school days, we lined up for a tutorial/homework session every night. While my mother managed the household and took the role of a disciplinarian, he was our spoiler. He may not be able to provide luxury but he did everything to provide our needs. We managed and continue to survive. He did well. I still depend on him (and on my mom), it can’t be helped but I’m doing my best to return everything.

There are so many things I want that I don’t and may never have, but I’ll always be thankful for a GREAT father like Fodsie. HAPPY DAD’s DAY FODSIE!

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