Wednesday, June 25, 2008

(Painful) Addition to my Wishlist

I was looking at an online shop of toys when something caught my attention. This is actually an old news but I just accidentally learned that Bandai released a new version of the Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom, the Pearl Mirror Coating Version. When I was looking at the pictures I felt a mixed emotion of happiness and sadness.

I was flowing with happiness because it’s so f*cking gorgeous. Magnificent! I’ve been pre-occupied by it for a week already. It feels like falling in love. The sad part is… it’s so f*ckin’ expensive gaah =’(. Much more expensive than the original version and it really hurts me that I can’t get it now. And this is what you call a one-sided love =’(

But this is just my impulsive nature towards toys or anime stuff. It is my only passion in life after all. I know if I’d just think a little longer, give it more time, I’d realize there are more important things that I can get for $399. The price would go down eventually.

Then again, this feeling at this moment is also important. If I could satisfy this yearning for this TIME… then that is something I can consider as PRICELESS. But this is just my childish wish…

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