Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Survey #3: Randomness...

I think I'll be filling my blog with surveys heheehe... this one's from Kim

1.Spell your name as it sounds.
♣ keeed

2. Are you available?
♣ hell yeah!

3. current song ur listening to?
♣ it's quiet

4. Favorite color? (s)
♣ black

3. Does your home have a bookcase?
♣ yep

1. Have you been to Laguna?
♣ yes

2. Have you ever gone fishing?
♣ yes, but it was never successful

3. Have you ever seen a celebrity?
♣ yes

4. Have you ever been on a motorcycle?
♣ yes

1. How much money do you have on youright now?
♣ I don't have much, but I have enough =)

2. How many jobs have you had?
♣millions! hahaha

4. How tall are you?
♣ 5'

1. Last person to call you?
♣ dindee

2. Last word you shout out loud?
♣ ahoy!

3. When's the last time you ateMcDonald's?
♣ last saturday

4. The last thing you bought?
♣ bday card

5. Last person you saw?
♣ my dad

6. Last time you cried?
♣ loooong time ago

7. Last time you laughed?
♣ yesterday

1. What is the temperature outside?
♣ prolly 24C
2. What time did you wake up?
♣ 5am

44. Do you have a best friend?
♣ you can say that

46. What did you do two days ago?
♣ she's far away

49. Is your birthday coming up?
♣ nope
53. Where were you at 3:02 AM thismorning?
♣ bed
61. What are your plans for thisweekend?
♣ attend toycon and the rest will follow hehe

64. Coke or Pepsi?
♣ coke forever

66. What do you dislike at the moment?
♣ so many things... wishful thinking

67. What did you dream about lastnight?
♣ ala nga bad trip

68. What's the last TV show youwatched?
♣ kiniro no corda

69. What is your favorite piece ofjewelry?
♣ none

72. Are you on any medication?
♣ sorta...

73. Have you ever cut your own hair?
♣ yeah, very little though

74. What is your favorite frozen treat?
♣ ice cream

76. Where's your favorite place to be?
♣ home. manila. japan

78. Who was your last text from?
♣ aris

79. Do you care what people think aboutyou?