Saturday, June 07, 2008

on simplicity

I was looking at my blog when I noticed my archive column summarized in years. I realized that my blog is turning 4 years old by next month.

Then it hit me...

I've been a blogger for almost 4 years but I haven't made any improvements (in the blog). Although recently I changed the layout to impose a "light" ambiance, I'm still using one of the default designs which are very.... plain and simple. I used to be bothered by this premise before but I've learned to accept it.

C'mon Kid, just admit it, you're not adept at these cyber creativity things.

Yes. I accept.

Accept the shortcomings but never lose the confidence. I know I'm not a talented person. I'm just an average person. But that doesn't make me "ordinary". I have my own gift from God which I have yet to discover. Besides, I have my fans - my parents. They've always believe I excel on a lot of things. And as long as I have these people who believes, I will be proud of ME.

This blog reflects so much of me. Plain and simple (and green???). But look at the number of posts. I never realized I've written this much. Of course it's nothing compared to hardcore bloggers, but still, it's something. I may look plain and simple at first glance but I have so much inside that makes me radiant.

And yeah, I checked my older posts and I was overwhelmed by the number of typos hahaha! Everytime I'd spot an error I felt a whack on my head and made a sour face. But who cares, hey this is MY BLOG. I have the right to commit mistakes hehehe.

Have a meaningful weekend everyone (",x)

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