Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Groupies!

I miss hanging out with my friends that I decided to feature the different groups I hang out with.

The Magic 5

For some reason we are called such. No particular reason. It just so happened that we gave “nicknames” for various factions in the Hospital. There’s a group of doctors called Voltes 5 and there’s another one called Teletubbies. These names are actually meant to ridicule them but I don’t think they’ve ever known. Anyway, in one of our “trips”, we were talking about these groups and we suddenly wondered what our group will be called. Then Ren suddenly blurted MAGIC 5! with a caption “watch your back”.

This is the OLDEST group, and I don’t mean the longest I’ve stayed with, but in terms of age. Unlike the other groups I’m with (which I’ll be discussing later), I’m actually the youngest member in this group. The weird thing about this is we are completely different from one another. I’m into anime, Frances is into clothes, Ren is into antiques, Aris is a gambler and Dindee is always “roaming”. I think the only thing that draws us to one another is our deranged personality hahaha.

But despite differences, I had a lot of fun with Magic 5. We rarely get together now but back then, we were always laughing. Thinking about our days makes me wonder, what were we doing back then?

Being the adult people that they are, this group is FULL of green jokes! Plus I’ve learned a lot of dirty language from them, especially Ren. Despite me being the youngest, I’ve always believe that I’m the most mature. They can be immature in a lot of ways sometimes and they remind me so much of my SIBLINGS!

The Bubbly Group (a.k.a the Cosplayers)…

At least that’s what I want to call this group. I think this is the best description that fits these people hehehe. The members varies from time to time, but the consistent ones are Chris, Nagi, Jam, Lee, and Aish. We all started our love with ANIME and eventually branched out to J-music, J-drama, Games, cosplays and almost anything Japanese. We have considered anicons to be the venue of our reunions. Thanks to this groupie, despite the lame performance of the conventions, I manage to have fun during those events.

This group hast the most COLORFUL and creATive people I’ve ever met. Everyone (excluding myself) has a high sense of fashion and artistry. But one thing I like about them is, other than anime and Japan, they can generate engaging discussions out of anything under the sun and even the moon hehehe. Although most of the time I’m passive, I enjoy just listening to them. I’ve learned a lot of things from this group, be it about anime or reality. Love them!

Birds of the same feather flock together

I can’t think of a good name to fit this group. Genshiken. The nerdy group. The autistic ones. The blue otakus?

I’m talking about social implications not just the typical anime attachments or expertise as what some elitist would claim. If you’ve seen (or read) Densha Otoko then you’ll understand what I mean.

This is the group were I can compare myself with most numbers of similarities. For one thing, everyone in this group is single. Our love life is equivalent to coke… ZERO hehehe. (Ewan ko na lang ngayon ha who knows they might have made some progress hehehe)

We also consider anicons and concerts as a venue for reunion, sometimes this group can merge with the Bubbly Group but even though that’d be the case, I’ve always thought that a barrier exist between the 2 groups.

We lack social skills. We are quiet most of the times we’re together, but even with the presence of silence, we know that we are having fun. Weird huh?

The 3 pork butts?

OMG I had longer hair! I can’t think of a name for this group. But we always sing our own rendition of 3 blind mice and replaced the lyrics with 3 pork butts. It was heavily influenced by Cow and Chicken hahaha.

Sherry and Sri are probably the friends I’ve known the longest. Thanks to them my college days was a blast and remains the best days of my life (so far). I MISS THEM SOOOO MUCH!

They are the very first people who made me realize how wonderful it is to have friends. Back then we were also all about anime and other crazy stuff.

We dream a lot.

We create our own world. Our own language.

We sing a lot.

We made fun of other people (without them knowing of course).

We stole a Geographic magazine from the library.

We collected tons of McDonlads straw (I’m not that earth friendly before) and store them in our locker. Eventually we popped all of them.

We borrow books for the sake of leaving our name in the Library card, every single book that nobody really cares.

We were always at Comic Alley spending our allowances for our dearest anime.

We were always excited whenever we’d discover a new anime shop.

We were excited whenever AXN would do an “Anime Marathon”

We were excited for new anime to be shown on TV.

We hate mushy things.

We love sweets.

Sri brings Skittles and candies. Sherry brings the chocolates (courtesy of her suitors hehehe). I bring Pistachio nuts and Gummy bears.

Every summer, we’re always on the telephone and we never seemed to run out of things to talk about.

The only thing we ever worried was where to eat our lunch or dinner. It seemed like the hardest decision to make.

We were like kids. We never took things so seriously. Everything seemed so simple. My life with them was like an extension of my childhood with so much excitement.

But we have grown up and we rarely see each other anymore. We talk about serious things now. Before we used to dream of going to Japan together. We all wanted to spend a vacation there and do what we’ve seen in anime. When we graduated from college and parted ways, we realized it’s not as easy as we thought. But I would always be thankful meeting them. They are the very first people who accepted me as a FRIEND and the first time I was ever IN a GROUP.


There are other friends I have not mentioned because they are not part of the group. But I miss them as time I'll make another feature for them hehehe

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