Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MARCH 19 is Kid's Stripes Day

Okay, it's March 20 already... but yesterday, after transferring some newly taken pics from Sherry's mobile phone into my computer, i browsed all my solo pics -narcissistic mode- i saw a pic of mine taken on the same day last year... and what a coincident, i was wearing a stipe-designed shirt too! And with that, i declare that every March 19, i should wear stripes! Yeah!

But, I just want to share, that the first pic was taken last year and is a rare find... why, i wonder if anyone would notice that for real, i was smiling... for some reason, i was really happy at that time... March 19, 2005... the second one.. well never mind... i'm a bit happy na rin

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hikaru said...

your the most beautiful girl in the world ^_^