Saturday, March 11, 2006

hmmm... just got the pics from the J-pop concert courtesy of Jill.. anyways, my problem is, how come can't view my blog in my PC? hmmm, haven't tried it in other comp though but i'm getting worried...

Ahh, I just finished the chapter 149 of HXH… it’s the latest I got and it got me hangin’ again… aww not fair! Grrr, it was getting so interesting already. hmmm, even if this Chimera Ant saga is somewhat like the Cell of DBZ, it varies with the fact that the characters are dispersed and each was given enough opportunity for character development, even the King himself is getting more interesting. I’m at the part that he’s challenging world champions in various board games. Being an impressively fast learner, after learning the mechanics of each board game, he can easily establish a strategy and not only that, he can easily predict the flow of his opponent’s moves, eventually disrupting them. But this one player of the board game ‘gun-gi’ (I dunno what it is), is a blind girl and he’s currently having a hard time disrupting her flow. But what’s interesting is that it seems he’s developing emotion, because of the girl’s character… she had a past, had a lost child… and it seems that he felt some sort of sympathy towards her… really interesting. Hmmm, how am I suppose to know what’s gonna happen next? Arghhhh!!!

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