Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It’s so freaking hot! You bet it’s the start of summer. When I was still a student, the heat was the sign of a long rest! Summer vacation of course. It used to be exciting. But now, it doesn’t make any difference, summer or rainy, you have to go to work *sigh*. Well, I’m a student again, the vacation would have a slight impact on me since I have a special schedule at work, so I guess I should be happy (a little). But damn, going back to heat, it’s killing me! Even with 2 e-fans focused on me, and I’m wearing my usual sleeping get-up -sando and shorts- huh I’m still sweating like hell! And it’s so damn hard to sleep when the temperature’s up like that. I’m thankful that it rained last night, somehow, it cool a little… I want an ACU!!!
Anyway, the other day I went to Medical City to visit an aunt who had just a major operation. I am already aware that Medical City moved to a new and bigger building also along Ortigas, but I never imagined that the improvement was overwhelming. The last time I went there was 11 years ago, when my grandfather had his 2nd mild stroke. Everything I knew of Medical City back then was erased when I saw the new one. It doesn’t seem like being in a hospital when you’re at the lobby. It feels like being in a hotel hehehe. And dear Lord they have a Starbucks IN the lobby. Cool huh. Anyway, I felt a little sad for MDH, our facilities were too far behind Medical City, St. Luke’s and Makati Med. I’m frustrated, we have a bunch of competent doctors, they deserve facilities matching those hospitals… oh well… doctors have clinics in more than one hospital, I’m sure most of them are staying in any of those hospitals too.

No classes and work for me today, I stayed at Starbucks Robinson the whole day... I consumed two tall cups of coffee... My second round is the featured Cinnamon Streusel Latte. I just love cinnamon, I couldn’t let this pass. And though I’m broke to death, as long as I have my credit card, I can survive hehehe… ah spent hours of relaxing like an exhausted adult... reading manga... ‘Goth’. I forgot the mangaka, but it’s really interesting. The lead characters are not your typical shojo manga character. Just a brief description, the lead characters are both obsessed with torture and killing/gory stuff… for real, and that’s what drives them together. Well it seems that both have hidden desire to kill each other (mr. and mrs. Smith? hehehe). Oh, but that damn Sakuma, giving me the 1st volume only, which left me hanging… again… aww these manga in my PC… really!!! Man, my coffee consumption is finally taking effect... i'm palpitating... haay, last year, somebody special used to remind me to moderate my coffee intake....

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