Thursday, March 09, 2006

I’m posting 3 entries today. Those entries that I should’ve posted days ago, but blogspot seems to have some technical problems and I couldn’t log in. Anyway, I've got tons of pics from Lynn's wedding already, but i really hate to post it. Damn, everyone who sees them had the same initial comments -ang taba mo!- ack!!! oh pls... God help me loose my appetite -sobs-

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Anonymous said...

yo! im glad your fine...

i miss you so much. anyways, since you like fruits so much, i'd like to recommend my favorite, the carrot-pineapple juice. both are anti-oxidants and help in lowering cholesterol and fats... you should try it. it helped me in my diet days after being hospitalized when i worked at the advertising agency (-_-)..

also i think you should try cucumber chips(^_^) it helped me in losing up some weight because of its fat absorbing properties... hehehe... this would also introduce you into eating vegetables... its like the more you eat the more you feel as if your stomach fats are being sucked up... i dip those cucumber chips in vinegar with pepper and not mayonnaise dressing for salads...mayo just adds up to the fat..

hmm.. come to think of it... im getting fat also and been eating quite a lot and of variety these days... maybe signs of depression... hmm, a colleague of mine told me that i might be thinking too much, she's right, im thinking too much of my work, of you, of my other work, and of my home... hahaha.. but its cool and colorful.

maybe i should fix up my excercise schedule again... or we could walk around from time to time (^_^)

by the way, i finished the anime BECK-Mongolian Chop Squad. I find it pretty cool. I'll give you the dvds. its all about music and rock... how i'd wish i was a musician...

genki ne