Monday, March 06, 2006

I’m home!!! Gaah! It’s been three weeks since I’ve seen my folks. I missed my parents and collection sooo much! Okay, I missed my siblings a little. And I missed my bed! But their not here right now, they went on birthday party (my mom, dad, Richard and Rose). So it’s the “bunso” who’re left huh.

Anyway, updates about Lynn’s wedding. It was great, during the entourage march, when it was Lynn’s turn to march down the aisle, I saw Roy crying. It’s not common that you’d see a man cry, and it was tears of joy I could tell. And I was really touched, I knew he really loves my friend, and I’m really happy for Lynn. Finally, she can be happy. It was not so long ago when she’s just a cry baby. Always crying over her lost love hehehe… but now… my best wishes to the newly wed couple. Pictures? Oh I’d hate to load them up! I look like a ‘siopao’ hehehe.

Hmm, I thought I wouldn’t survive another day last Friday I was literally out of cash. I already called my dad for help. But then I had to wait because he was in the church when I called. So Fars lend me for a while. Whew, thank goodness. She’s really kind, always ready to help whenever she can. I had my pedicure for the first time last Friday too. It was expensive but I liked it, I mean the feeling that my toe nails were being cleaned hehehe. The feeling’s not the same when I do it myself. It was so relaxing.

And what have I discover at the Peninsula Manila, I was with Lynn’s family all the time, so my stay there, were always with them. They saw a lot of celebrity which I’m not familiar of. I liked the pool area, it seems it’d feel really good to smoke there hehehe… It was really fancy huh but the rooms don’t differ much as that of Dusit Hotel. And the hotel is “wired”. Momonja detected 3 wireless connections! The two needed passwords to connect though. And the other one, Manila Pen’s account, is for free but the signal at my room is low. According to the attendant, excellent signal can be found at the lobby, but I had no time to check…tsk tsk… everybody was in a rush already… haay weddings…

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