Saturday, March 18, 2006

Don’t bother to ask where I am… it’s a straight week in Starbucks huh?! Well, I’d have to blame myself if my debts got me huh… whew, what a day it has been… hmm, to back track, going back this morning…

I got up early, my duty for today’s off-set, well that is to say, doesn’t matter if what time I’ll go in and out as long as I completed the mandatory 8 hours. The reason is that I have to attend the Fire Safety Seminar and Document Awareness Training. Thing is, both are slated on the same time, so I wasn’t able to attend the former… have no choice, as much as I want to attend, the Systems Training is my priority. Hmmm, at any time, Ma’am Len may take her maternity leave, and when that happens, I’ll take over her place as lead trainer, and I must be technically prepared… the lecturer for today is She-Ann, an Onco-Pharmacist, and also the assigned Lead Auditor for this semester. She discussed the Chemotherapy Services Procedure. I’m starting to like the systems training… it makes me more aware of the hospital operations, and at the same time it makes me more aware that there are actually discrepancies among doctors and paramedical staff…

I find this interesting… there are some doctors who prepares or ask nurses to prepare cytotoxic drugs without the use of the ‘safety cabinet’. Ma’am Len herself admitted that she herself conducts the chemo drugs preparation for 5 years without the use of ‘safety cabinet’ or any protective suit! But She-ann, as a pharmacist, is strongly against that practice. And some doctors too would say, why procure something so expensive when it’s feasible to do the chemo drugs under regular circumstances/environment. Well, ma’am Len told me, that the effect is 15 years after, so she may just wait if the so called adverse effect were true. There were no studies to support it anyway.

Okay enough about cytotoxic drugs, during the lecture, I’m amazed at Ma’am Len, she’s really something, there was this issue that She-ann and Dr. Joson were arguing about that I couldn’t follow… but when ma’am Len butt-in, I understood clearly what they were talking of all along. I was also inspired of Ma’am Len’s initiative to take actions (plans) for various issues being raised at every systems training session. As a result, Dr. Joson came up with a Task Force to take in charge of ironing-out of the raised issues. Haay, I was assigned to be a part of the task force and that’d mean additional work load… plus, it’ll hinder on my plans to leave the Hospital *sigh* but I am really honored to have gained the trust of Ma’am Len and Dr. Joson. Here they go again with so much expectation from me huh.

Then lunch, the agenda for the afternoon, closing audit! Ma’am She, Fars and I audited Laboratory, NICU, NSO, BDD and HR Training. It’s kinda frustrating, that for so many NCs committed for the past few months after the ISO certification, only 2 were closed *sigh*… man, our systems has a looooooong way to go…. But it’s nice to see the flaws of a unit’s systems, there are always rooms for improvements. Man, i had an headache after the audit... just listening to each unit's problem -hohum-

After the audit, Fars and I went to Robinson’s Place to watch the Pupil Mall Tour. I’m not really a fervent fan of local bands, but I really loved the music of E-heads… and I like Ely’s voice, I got curious how he was doing without his former band mates… his music is still powerful (at least for me)… I liked some of the band’s songs already, I just don’t know the titles, but I remember one –Nasan ka- and I loved it…hmmm, it’s really rare for me to like non-Japanese songs hehehe… what’s more, I got to get the band’s autograph and pics… I find the bassist -Dok- cute hehehe…got a pic with him! The lead guitarist –Yani- even gave me the pen he’s using, well that’s because I was the last one to ask for autograph… I let them sign in my Starbucks planner hahaha… but my frustration is, wasn't able to take a pic with Ely, he's the reason why i watched the band damn! when i was about to take a pic with him, the cam prompted that the memory card is full! Damn, i only got a pic with Dok... -fangirl mode- oh well... what's great about the show was that they performed 'Alapaap'. yay! Before playing it, Ely's introduction was that their next song is something popularized by 6 cycle minds... then the music intro started and every E-heads fan screamed hehehe... nothing beats the original after all (",x)

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