Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yesterday, Fars asked me to accompany her at G4 Park. Bamboo had a concert. Well, I had nothing to do, and Friday night is always the best time to hangout late (despite the fact that I have a regular duty every Sat!). It’s been a while since I went out at a Friday night and I really miss it. Besides I wanted to check something at G4. So there, I watched another Bamboo gig, but I’m still not converted huh. Let me remind that I’m doing this for a friend. According to the ads, show starts at 7pm, but since we had experience waiting considerably longer at Winston Wings Tour, we learned our lesson. This time we didn’t hurry, we came past 7:00 PM. Well, we were right, the show haven’t started, but it was really crowded, and it was impossible for us to get in the front. Part of me is delighted, because I’ve promised I’ll never situate in a front seat/row (whatever), unless it’s a L`arc~en~ciel concert (speaking of Larc, I have some exciting tidbits later). But part of me feels sorry for Fars. She went all the trouble of preparing her camera hahaha.. Anyway, being a hard-headed kid that I am, I went forward despite the crowd and encouraged Fars to follow. There were benches which I though we could stand on, at least we could see Bamboo, but heck, standing on the bench was strictly prohibited, we were reprimanded (in a nice way) by the guard hehehe… oh well, at least we got a good position. Now about Bamboo, like I said, I’m still not converted. His songs are fine, but I don’t find them interesting. I love it though, whenever he’d sing songs of Rivermaya… last night he sang 3 Rivermaya songs (Kisapmata, Hinahanap Kita, and Ulan).
Anyway, after the show, I requested to drop by at Timezone G4, what I really wanted to check, were the latest games. And heck, I finally saw what Sherry was excitingly saying –House of the Dead 4! Damn, its graphics is way better than its preceding installments! And this time, the characters use machine guns! And with its very huge screen, this arcade game is sooooo cool! I wanted to try it so badly, but I’m broke, a game costs P25 already (for VIP card holders). And besides, the game was occupied. But Fars loaded my Power Card, and we played House of the Dead 2. Although I’ve finished this game twice (The 1st time, I was alone, I used I think 25-30 tokens. The 2nd, I had a partner, but we’re not acquainted, I used 5 tokens), I still find it exciting to play it every now and then. By the way, I’ve also finished House of the Dead 3 (a couple of weeks ago) this time Sherry was my partner and we used 11 tokens. Gosh, I can’t wait to lay my hands on that machine gun!

Whew, I’ll be on undertime today because I have to meet my cousin. Also, my sister is here right now, she had a chest x-ray then afterwards she’ll be off to the review center. Finally she decided to take the board exam. I pray that she’ll make it this time. I believe in her… funny, I am the most skillful amongst my siblings when it comes to academic exams, but I’m the only one with the course with no Board exam, even with the course I’m taking now, still no board exam hehehe….

Now going back to L`arc~en~ciel, last week I saw the PV of ‘Link’ at Animax. Damn, I’m sooo happy I finally got an update on them, I mean at least I know their latest looks. It seems they really drifted from their ‘dressy’ era. I’m so surprised to see Hyde in baggy pants. Not that baggy okay –hyde fans pls. don’t kill me- it’s just that I got used on him wearing either gothic skirt or fitted pants. And what’s with the funky hair huh? But I loved it so well. They look more westernized now (get-up) which I don’t really mind, Hyde is a real bishie no matter what. In fact, it seemed that he looked younger hehehe. Hmmm, ‘Link’ is the opening theme of FMA movie, I wonder if they did a PV of ‘Lost Heaven’…. Damn, I want to see that!

geez... i need a haircut...

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