Monday, April 03, 2006

Narcissistic mode on!!! Oh well, it's been a while since i uploaded pics! These are very fresh hehehe... and to date, i have 1588 pics in my Flash drive! Alright!
My boss requested me to drop by at the office because they’ll buy a pizza… so I borrowed Sherry’s Palm card… and good news, my missing earring was actually in her house, it seems I dropped it from my pouch when I went there a couple of weeks ago. Whew, thank goodness, I didn’t know how to explain to my mom… Anyways, today is a special day for me… I realized yesterday, when I was browsing old pictures, that significant events happen on the 3rd of April, well, at least for the past 3 years… Just to share:

April 3, 2003 – was the last time that Sherry, Sri and I watched anime together, it was a 2-day anime marathon actually, at Sri’s place… we watched Spiral, Chobits, Marmalade Boy, Pretear, Steel Angel Kurumi and Kare-kano…I felt mixed joy and sadness… joy because, well need I say more? We were watching anime and we had so many foods… chips and ice cream >.<
April 3, 2004 – Animax Carnival! The first anicon organized by Animax. And it was the very first time I saw Atom or Astroboy live! I was really happy of course. I was even able to shook hands with him TWICE!!! I had a picture with him too… and I also saw Koji Sawaii, the anime director of ‘//hack.legend of the twilight’…

April 3, 2005 – K** D****D K** hehehe, am I rising my reader’s curiosity? But this is the saddest of all… well, I’ve already talked about this a year ago (in my OFF-LINE journal)… it's been a year, but the pain is still here… *sigh*
And of course it's Nagi's birthday. Happy B-day Midii-kun!!! ===> okay, this is a repost, i did write it here, but i don't know why it was deleted... Hmmm weird... Nagi, i really wrote this part, as is... nways... I'm glad to know nababasa mo pala blog ko haha..

So far, nothing significant happens yet… if there is, I hope it’d be good… Right now I’m starving… can’t wait for that mozzarella stuffed pizza >.<


Anonymous said...

nagi: ei.. u forgot to add na special ang apr 3 kasi bday ko. ^o^ haha.. salamat sa bati

hikaru said...

i got a really fat paycheck this april 3 that i will share with you ^_^

its my first time to get this big...

thank you for always being my inspiration ^_^