Sunday, April 02, 2006

It’s April’s Fools Day! Hmmm, so can I expect someone to trick me today? I’m home alright (Tanay). Waiii, missed my folks and of course my collection hehehe… I was surprised when I saw puppies… too many puppies hehehe… Majinboo and Hartie just gave birth… Hartie was 2 weeks ahead of Majinboo, damn those bitches hahaha! So who wants puppies? They’re ordinary dogs (native) though… but Hartie is half Chihuahua (is my spelling correct?)… my latest pictures count in my flash drive is 1546! Yeah! Hohum… gotta sleep now…hahaha., the moment i'm posting this, Oliver beside me is sleep talking, my silly brother hehe... oh, it's Sakura Kinimoto's birthday, my favorite heroine!

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hikaru said...

wow puppies ^_^ bigyan mo ako para may kasama na si pia... pilian mo ako ha... yung cute at yung hindi malaking aso... swerte yan ngayong year of the dog... hehehehe