Friday, April 14, 2006

It’s a Maundy Thursday… the start of a long rest for me, I’ll be back at work on April 18 na! but I have a meeting to attend on Monday and also I have to go to school to claim my class cards…. But I have 4 days to savor, yay! Anyways, my agenda for the loooooong weekend is to look for jobs (via net), watch anime vids, savor my collections –my toys hehehe-, sleep-sleep-sleep! What’s this National Cosplay Competition that I’ve read… organized by Otakuzine, Hero TV and Kenkyu Kai. Hmmm, a NATIONAL cosplay competition? I don’t like it…. I mean I don’t like the idea of cosplay and other J-culture stuffs going mainstream… oh well, I wish to join… if only I have the time, money and inspiration *sigh*

well more importantly, it's Holy Week... I must work on enhancing my spiritual life... meditate... reflect... ask for penance...

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nagi: re:
of course.. i do read people's blog. ^^ minsan lang ako magcomment nga lang. but i'm around.