Friday, April 21, 2006

Haay, I’m(mentally) exhausted from all the activities today. This morning was the regular Document Awareness Seminar. I can’t focus well on the discussion because I was concurrently finishing the minutes of our last meeting (last week), my boss needed it by the end of the morning. I remember my former boss Sir Ritchie… he used to tell me to do tasks simultaneously as possible, meetings or seminars you attend is not an excuse… it’s kinda stressing but also challenging at the same time. And Ma’am Merie commended me, she said I’m doing well and she thinks I can handle facilitating the training even without the supervision of Ma’am Len… hehehe, I hope she’s right… Anyways, the meeting this afternoon was actually the Task Force QMS Planning for the ISO Surveillance Audit… Damn, we’re bombarded with assignments again… I’m assigned at the Procedures Revision team together with Joel, She Ann, Vans, Ma’am Marits and Ma’am Len… haay… it’s gonna be a very busy month… and what about my vacation leave wish =’(…

Nagi finally gave me copy of the pictures taken by her cell TWO MONTHS ago –geez- hehehe… she just hand it over to the office, I suppose I wasn’t around when she came. Yay, more pics! But she still owes me pics from AEx and Animax! Hey Nagi?! Hehehe… I just want to share this pic taken at Starbucks during my birthday… because I’m a Starbucks freak hahaha! (“,x)

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