Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year

It turns out that I got lazier than I expected hahaha. I wanted to get on with the updates and here I am, slacking myself off. I don't always get a 3-days off, 2 weeks in a row, so I have to make sure I have something to share. But first...

We spent the New Year's eve like we used to, though I can't help but notice some changes. This year Pipay was not here but Richard and his family celebrated with us at home -he was with his in-laws last year. This season is generally all about family, it's the time of the year where everyone take it as an opportunity to spend time with their family or loved ones. So I can't help wishing we were complete.

I think that this is the most subtle new year's eve we ever had. It's a lot more quiet than the ones we had in the past. Relatives stopped coming and some neighbors have gone somewhere else-some went abroad to work, while some passed away (the old ones). There was huge noise for the last 5 minutes of 2010 and the first 10 minutes of 2011, the bangs and the booms, the bright flares of fireworks and the smoke, but it was unusually low compared to past celebrations in the neighborhood. Not that it's a bad thing, I'm not a fan of the explosives anyway and I despise the smell of smoke. But I like making noise (using other means, like horn) and watching fireworks.

My mom didn't even cook food, she was tired and ever since she got hospitalized, we were careful not to exhaust her. It's a shame that nobody in the family can cook. Pipay knows how, but then she's far away. I decided that this year, one of the things I should learn is to cook! We ended up buying a Chowking family platter. My Aunt Carmen also shared macaroni soup with us and I bought a chocolate cake from Goldilocks. I made sure that there is something sweet or it wouldn't be a celebration for me.

Things to do in 2011:

#1 Get a "health" cook book.

In addition to that, during the Holidays, I watched a documentary film called "Food Inc." It's about how the food we ate are made. Mostly the truth about farm factories -the living conditions of the animals, what "farmers" feed and inject to make 'em grow in a short period of time. How crops are genetically modified to produce more than natural method can produce and accommodate the demand and needs of the mass. No wonder all kinds of diseases pops out. But to make the story short, I was appaled with how big corporations manipulate the trust of consumers. But we have our options, we can be aware and we can decide what to buy and what not to buy, and though it's gonna be real hard for me the things I need to start on are:

#2 allot a meatless day in a week

#3 look for organic foods (where to buy?)

#4 less visit to the fastfood chains

#5 read labels and ingredients

So much about food, going back to new year's eve, after the traditional firworks and noise making, we ate, my brothers and my dad had a little drink, we chat, took pictures and then dozed off.
Despite the changes i noticed, I am happy. I am incredibly grateful that we still get to celebrate like this. So many things had happened in the past year, good and bad, that taught me to back off from my stubborness. How lucky I am to realize that I was sticking to my gun that had no bullet in the first place. Together with the year 2010, I am saying goodbye to all the bad things that consumed me. I am still working on some of my issues but I know, with the baby steps I'm taking, I will get there. I will get to live with my highest potential and be a person who can contribute to the society. I am positive that 2011 is gonna be great year.

#6 be physically active without going to the gym

#7 to travel and appreciate the Philippines more

#8 to save, save, save more money

#9 to give to charity

#10 to go to the dentist (I've been having intermittent tooth ache)

#11 to save the world (LOL)

Rock on Kidd!!!


Yojichan said...

Akimashite omedetou gozaimasu! (tama ba?)

hayun! yey! may comment link. LOL

so nice naman you get to spend a nice enjoyable new year with your family. we escaped naman to a hotel room. haha! ako, si mister bear, si shamsa at si mama. yosh!

you'll read the rest of the details in my LJ.

well..i hope you'll be able to accomplish all your goals for the year and if not, be happy that you made them at least.

ako kasi..di ako maka-resolutions eh. i just do what i have to do and take it from there. :)

enjoy! take care, Kid.

kidd said...

Well there was a time, I made a resolution "to stop making resolutions", and I managed to keep it for a while, but these resolutions adds to the spirit of NEW year hehehe.

Akimashite omedetou! yep you got that right!

Thanks Aish, I left a comment on your LJ =)