Monday, December 27, 2010

Chritsmas 2010

I felt like this Christmas is different from the ones I had the past few years. For one thing, we’re not complete. My sister Pipay moved to Boracay with her husband, so it was a little lonely. When I got home the morning of 24th, I witnessed my mom cry, getting emotional with the fact there we’re spending the Christmas eve with my sister away. My younger sister Ivy and I had to console her by saying ”life’s like that”. I suddenly remember the Mcdonalds commercial with that watchamacalit song by Nyoy Volante? Mga panahon at pagkakataon, maibabalik ba ang kahapon…You know that commercial with a mom and a dad with their kids having meal, then as years went by, there were less people on the table, the kids went off with their life and the parents were left on their own but then they had their reunion at Mcdonalds. It’s a little sad, but that’s life. I told myself, we’re physically apart but we’ll always be together at heart. The family that prays together, stays together. And we used to pray together when we’re still kids until College had to take us away.

But the Christmas went well as if my sister’s here. It was as busy as ever. I used to stay home just wait for the kids to come, but this year I went out with the kids. I brought my nieces and nephews who live in Metro Manila to my aunts. I rarely see them so I wanted to take the time to be with them. I got particularly worked up with my twin nieces (did I say that right?). They are children of my cousin Adrian and they’re just adorable. Twins run in the family, I have aunts, cousins and now nieces who are twins.

Awww.. looking at my nephews and nieces melts my heart. On top photo, from left to right, that's Curt, Gail/Gelai (?), Mighael, Rome, Gail/Gelai (?). On bottom photo thats Curt Gail/Gelai (?), Mighael, Gail/Gelai (?), Kidd, Leanne

I also got to see my uncle who’s a priest, he just got back from Rome and is on a one month vacation. Whenever I see people look up to him, adores him, I’m kinda having second thoughts of being a nun (as much as I wanted to be a priest, I can’t hehe).

I received gifts from friends, in-laws and siblings. I felt bad that I didn't prepare anything for them. I prioritized the kids (read this, I burned money!) because even though I feel that Christmas is for everyone to enjoy, I've always thought it's "mainly" for the kids. I had a happy childhood and I've always felt a surge of excitement during Christmas season. I want to impart that happiness to the kids of today, so I want to make sure that I have something big for them. But I just want to express my gratitude to people who took the time to give something to me. Thank y'all!

Hey, it’s 2:30 AM and I run out of stuff to say (I got lazy rather), so I guess it’s the obligatory “next time again” spiel hehehe.

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Anonymous said...

naks naman! super tita mode si kid! hehe! well your nieces and nephews are lucky to have you.

like they say, the only thing that is constant in life is change. we all have our own lives to lead and priorities to deal with. but family is family. it's obvious in the pics you posted here. that your home? wow. it looks huge. those are neat gifts you got there and the kiddies are cute all posed in a row.

glad to know you spend lovely time with your family in this occasion. :)

kidd said...

Hahaha, I swear I'm the most generous aunt here when it comes to giving. I just don't like the taking care part, they are really lucky as long as their parents won't leave them to me hehehe.

Yep, it's our home, it's our grannies', my parents don't own it but I've lived here since birth and I'm really grateful to be living here. It's not as big as it looks hehe.