Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tanay Town Fiesta

Last Sunday, my hometown celebrated the feast of our Patron saint, San Ildefonso de Toledo. Now I don't know how people celbrated way way back, but I've grown up knowing that it's mostly about food. Then there are bands, carnival, flea markets, and of course, visitors from out of town.

This year, I managed to have my own share of visitors from the Metro - Nagi, Chris and Aish came and Dindee with Dr. Fajardo dropped by. I gotta be honest, this was the first time that I brought them with me and introduce my family and I was little nervous that something might go wrong. But everything went smoothly, I was so happy that everybody felt comfortable and at home. I knew that my parents, especially my mom would be delighted to meet my friends and have a sense of relief to know the people I am with, whenever I'd have to spend the night in Manila.

Now this trio have always been bubbly, I understand that they had to tone done in front of my family in our living room, and they were like whispering while talking. But when i finally took them to my room and got some privacy, their demons unleashed! It was a riot but at the same time really fun. We took a lot of embarassing pictures that I can't even post here because we all love our future hahaha.

I was surprised that a day is not enough to have more fun like take them to some popular spots like the dyke. I was so worried that I would be a bad host and bore my guests to death, but Thank God, everything turned out to be a great day.


Yojichan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! the best behavior bit wore off very quickly as soon as we got in the room. thanks so much for having us. an experience with definite high repeat value. LOL i love what you said about "we love our future" XD

kidd said...

Yes we do haha... yeah we better repeat it! Next time overnight naman hehe