Sunday, January 30, 2011


After stubbornly refusing for so long I had finally given in. I signed up for a Facebook account.


At first, the only reason why I wouldn't sign up was because my laptop broke and I had rare access to the web and I felt like it's useless to get an account if I can't update it regularly. Then it grew into pride, everybody was going gaga over it, specially my siter Ivy, everybody was saying how addicting it is and I felt like I don't want to be like everybody else. I lost appetite. I wanted to be someone who could say "well, I didn't fall for it, sorry".

That was really silly now that I think about it hehehe...

I felt pressured to have one, the reasons to sign up was piling up, it's suffocating:

I don't wanna get sued, it's becoming a law to have a Facebook account. Even the oldies have one!

I need a mainstream medium to sell my toys (click me).

I want to be able to see my travel photos without bothering Che and asking her to email the pics.

I wanted to feel young again hehehe.

I need my fans (LOL)

I need to get updated when my gay friend Kuya Aris will get his greencard so I can marry him (LOL)

I have to prove that I'm digitally alive.

I need prove to everyone else that Facebook is not as impressive or as addictive as many claimed it to be.

It's time!

Just kidding, I'm starting to sound like an old fool hahaha.

I only wanted to get in touch with my friends that I haven't heard from for a long time and I know Facebook will greatly help me on this.

Please add me hehehe.

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Yojichan said...

Welcome to Facebook, Kid. you're one of us now. hahahahahha!!!