Friday, January 07, 2011

Today is the 33rd wedding anniversary of my parents. What can I say? If I'd sit and reflect all the things I'm thankul for, I'd start with my parents, and end with my stubborn siblings (kidding hehehe). In a world where 50% of marriages result to divorce, annulment, or any form of separation, being part of the other 50% is a big thing. Something that should never be taken for granted. Over the years I witnessed how my mom and dad stayed sweet and inlove with one another. Sure there are times when they bicker, but then my dad would always end up giving in to please my mom. For some, he'd be called "Andres", but I'd call him a true gentleman. While my mom never fail to please my dad in her own special wifey ways.

I'm just so proud to have great and loving parents.

Mommy and Fodsie, happy 33rd year! Cheers!


Yojichan said...

LOL you forgot to put a title on this one. wow! 33 years! my in-laws are 35 years i think. amazing, huh? it's every bit to celebrate about it. you're very blessed to have parents who are still together and still in love like that. thanks for posting the pic too 'cause this is the first time i've seen them, hehe! now i know how they look like this coming sunday. :D Congratulations to them and to all of you, kids. i always said no matter how life been hard, to have parents who are still together in love is a strength you can always look up to. not many kids in this life can have that no matter how much we try. *hugs*

kidd said...

*hugs* Thanks Aish! I agree it's amazing and I'm really proud of them.