Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sam Needs Help

A couple of months ago, I received a text message from a so called "Sam". She said she's an information management major from Bacolod and wants to go to Manila (so badly) to work but can't afford the fare. So she asks for help and said that she's willing to do "anything" in exchange of my help.

So I did the most logical thing any decent person would do. Delete!

And I thought that was it. But then, weeks later I received a follow up SMS from this Sam. I found it a little odd to get a follow up spam. I deleted it again of course.
And so I thought that's the end of the story. Or so I thought... I received another follow up weeks later. Then last week, another one. This time, I thought to myself, okay, I'm not gonna delete this one. This is starting to get annoying, why do I feel like somebody's playing a prank on me?

There's no way I would respond, I kept it in my inbox so I could post it here, the exact SMS:

Gud am po, c Sam po to, ung girl na humihingi ng tulong makapunta ng maynila.. M22lungan nio po b ako? Gagawin ko po ung kapalit na hhngin nio, para lang makapunta npo ako ng maynila.. Parang awa nio napo..

Yesterday I received 2 more messages, the other is another plea for help while the other one is a short profile that says she's a DOST scholar.

First of all Sam, I'm not a dirty old man.

Second, if you're a wise girl, you know better than I do, that there are million ways to get here than randomly asking for help from someone in exchange of "anything".

Third, this is really beginning to sound like some kind of prank. Whoever you are, I'm not gonna fall for it.

There, now that I blogged about it, it's time to clean my SMS inbox. Sorry Sam, it's not gonna work. Anybody interested to help her, contact me and I'll give her your number when she send another follow up.


Yojichan said...

well that must be one damn elaborate prank. modus operandi if you will. but you've always been too smart for that. me? i wished i was a DIRTY OLD MAN!! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i wonder if she's cute and hyper and has nice boobies. i wonder if she's shorter than me too. that would be awesome! LOL i've responded to some texts from girls before. they're so demanding twits really and underage too. XD

kidd said...

NO you didn't! HAHAHA, you are one pervy dirty old man! Sometimes I feel tempted to respond just for fun. But I'm afraid to be bitten back in my ass hehehe