Saturday, April 28, 2007

I just had an unexpected dinner with Dr. Carnate and Dindee It was all unplanned, Dindee was about to take me home when we accidentally run into him at the Arellano and Estrada intersection. It was really funny because Dindee’s excitement was very apparent hahaha. I regret a little that I broke my pledge not to take dinner to reduce weight –phew-

I am currently reading Mishima: A Biography by John Nathan. Yukio Mishima is one of the greatest writer of his time (1925-1970) who committed seppuku publicly in pursuit of his social ideals… whatever they were, I haven’t known yet. I scan-read an article about him rumored as a homosexual, which I haven’t confirmed. I’m enjoying reading this because it’s giving me an insight of Japan that I haven’t touched which is the Late Meiji period to postwar Japan. Though I encountered a student-movement thingie in “Norweigan Wood” by Haruki Murakami. Plus Obviously, I haven’t read any Mishima works yet, but when I read the overview of his life, I got interested (the fact that he’s Japanese is interesting enough for me geez). But now I’ve learned of his childhood through pubescent, I am compelled to read his works. I bet it’d be just as interesting. His childhood reminds me of Midori (another character from “Norweigan Wood”). Just like Mishima, she also experienced the misery of being a commoner studying in a prestigious school meant for people with aristocratic background. Connecting each event to previous books I’ve read makes it more interesting. But then, it also disoriented my anime viewing. I stopped watching One Piece for a while, but the good news is that it’s weekend and I will definitely continue with Luffy’s journey hehehe…

Speaking of Luffy, a couple of days ago, the first thing that run into me in the office was a “libre” tabloid headline (see image). And amazingly must have lost my sensibility at that moment when I automatically blurted “ohmigosh! Luffy had come to life!” seriously I thought it was for real, and when I turned to the page, I got disappointed to learn that it was actually just an advertisement hehehe. Darn, I didn’t even had the sense to inspect the graphics’ quality… and it was then that I realized, that somewhere in my subconscious mind…. Is a genuine belief for supernatural powers… and even longing for it… or simply just… the longing for the lost childhood.

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hikaru said...

We can close our eyes to the things we don't want to see;

But we cannot close our heart to
the things we don't want to feel