Sunday, April 01, 2007

I’m gonna miss that old place… where I used to relax and pass my time before going home from work… huhuhu, today’s the last day of Starbucks Pavillon! They are transferring to SM Manila, but we rarely ever drop there. I’m gonna miss that good ‘ol staff with warm greetings of “hi Kid”… haayyy… in the place where friendship grew… even doctors are affected. Just this morning when I met Dr. Blas in MDH lobby, other than the usual “hi” I automatically blurted today’s Starbucks’ last day… and he reacted “oh no, where are we going to stay na”…Oh well, so much for the regrets, might as well switch to Figaro since Starbucks Bayview is too far for a walk (NOT!).

Yesterday I attended the 3G Gigabyte Lan Party at Market Market. That was actually my first time going there and what a hell of an adventure I had been. Nothing scary or serious, just exhausting. When I arrived at the event, I hardly had the strength to enjoy. Besides, the event turned out to be for beneficial for online gaming enthusiasts in which I admittedly cannot relate. There were very few cosplayer whom I cannot recognize the characters. If they are not from online games, then they must be the latest anime. Whatever, the bottom line I did not enjoy. But for the sake of experience (I think 3G is also held annually-I’m not sure), so this is what goes on at 3G and other related events. Simply put, stick with anime, manga, toy, and J-culture events. Well, it’s never too late to enjoy, tomorrow’s Ozine fest, this’ll be the first time I’m attending an Ozine event, I just hope I’d get the smoke of my money’s worth.

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