Monday, April 16, 2007

I’m really enjoying “One Piece”. Thanks to the long weekend, I finally had the chance to grasp the edge of this title. And I’m really liking Luffy’s crew more and more. I like the idea that each member has his own strengths and weaknesses, with different goals and dreams but were drawn to each other to achieve their objectives. I hate to admit this, but Luffy’s company reminds me of a certain group of 5 deviant individuals from a not so normal hospital. And yes I miss this group and their late night adventures hehehe. Anyway, I’m currently at the Little Garden stopover where they meet 2 giant warriors who have been dueling for over a century, to the point that they have forgotten the reason why they are fighting in the first place. After 73, 466 duels, always resulting to a draw, they’d end up laughing… so it seemed that they were good friends all along. And I’m really getting excited how things would turn out. One Piece was aired in local TV more than 2 years ago but I only got the chance to watch it now. My cousin told me that the series is still ongoing and is currently on episode 300+ already. Hmmm, why are there so many titles nowadays that seem to be following the tradition of Dragon Ball epic. I remember losing my appetite during the Cell saga, because it seemed to me that the “dragon ball” quest had been through long ago and that its theme got stuck with the never-ending desire to get stronger. For chrissake the earth seemed like an ant to a super saiyan (4) Gogeta already!!! And now thanks to the going mainstream of anime, a lot of titles seem to be competing with its record hehehe. It’s not that I think of it as a bad thing, but I have this tendenNo I hope not, I think I have a lot to look forward in “One Piece” because it’s just like an RPG. KAIZOKU da!!!

My accomplishment for the past days is my progress in anime viewing hehehe, to date I’m already at episode 70+ in One Piece, episode 24 – Kyou Kara Maou, 10 – TOKKO, episode 14 – Maria-sama ga miteru. Weee, I’m back in the anime scene: I’ve recently attended 2 anime related events, I’ve spent my vacation mostly watching anime, and I’m looking forward for the upcoming events, I’ve updated my collection wishlist, I’ve recently bought new DVDs (Black Jack Movie, One Piece Movie, Kino no Tabi)… there’s only one thing missing – cosplay enthusiasm. Yes till now I haven’t got any inspiration… hmmm…

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