Sunday, March 25, 2007

Holidays are almost here (2 weeks to go) but I can really feel it coming. The silence for one thing is a sign eh. Why of course it’s Saturday hehehe. But just to share my surprise, a while ago on my way to Frio Mixx to eat my lunch, I took the ER exit and lo and behold, no patient bed was occupied and the ER people are really benign! Maybe it’s not much of a phenomenon but for 3 years working in this hospital, never have I seen the ER unoccupied of px. But I think that’s a good thing, means the number of sick people has declined for this particular day. But then my pessimistic side is pointing that perhaps financial concerns caused this particular event. Or whatever… I just want to have my vacation!

Anyways, a couple of days ago, I was trying to confirm this Hobbiworx event which was supposed to be on the last day of March, but to my surprise it was moved on the 12th of May. Geez, how can an otaku event be coincide with the heat of elections???? Further (i-net) research made me realize (again) how outdated I am with otaku related events. Geez! There are lots in line right now, just to mention, Gigabyte Lan Party on March 30, Ozine Fest 2007 on April 1, J-crunch Ripiito on April 12, Hobbiworx Tagcom convention on May 12, Mangaholix Animangaming convention on May 19, and of course don’t forget the Toycon which is being held every June ( I haven’t got the final schedule). Whew, I only hope I could attend all of those… though part of me would only get sad for not being able to participate in cosplay. Until now I haven’t got any inspiration. Most anime I’ve seen recently are set on real time and characters and costumes don’t vary much with ordinary clothes (except for Yuuko of XXX Holic). Anyway, the most recent I’m watching right now is School Rumble, a highschool love story comedy. One of those boy-loves-girl, girl-loves-another-guy-and-this-guy-seemed-not-to-care plot. What do you call that again? Love Polygon! Hahaha. And of course varieties of friends to support the girl are always present and so far I couldn’t get myself amused. The only thing that keeps me with this anime are the translation notes which was being flashed before the start of the show and from time to time on the duration of the series. Thank goodness I have the fansub version. Now I’m not a critic here, all I’m saying is that I haven’t found the engaging side of School Rumble (if there is). There must be since my friend recommended it to me…

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