Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sleepless in Hot Manila

Weee, I just got home! All thanks the summer heat (again) I was up all day again. I just remember how it feels to be awake for 24 hours straight. The last time I did was a year ago (I think) during the Animax 24-hour anime marathon. Amazingly I’m still feeling vibrant. Oh how I hate to be too poor to afford an ACU. Living in a small room with no air-conditioning on the middle of 2007 summer is the worst. The only reason for this room is a sleeping place yet it didn’t serve its purpose. It won’t let me have those sweet dreams I yearn or a sound sleep for an exhausted soul. Really… and not to mention that I share this room with another 37ÂșC creature, my cousin… haay, what else could be worse. Thankfully, having friends in the medical field can actually help you in various situations as this! I texted Frances and asked for a Dormicum (sleeping pill). Lo and behold, she’s just as awake and restless hahaha. She asked if I want to go out, she’d also hand-over the pill hehehe. The next thing I know, we’re off to Harbor Square. We met her friends who were into motorbikes. We had a little chat and drink at the last standing bar then we tried riding his bike. Frances was thrilled with it and I did enjoy it but just for a try. I knew from the very start that it’s not my cup of tea. When we parted, not even a tinge of drowsiness reminded me that I still have a work at 8:00 in the morning. I think I only had 2 cups of coffee, how come I’m still so genki? We strolled a little around Manila, we even dropped by at Ospital Ng Sampaloc to see if we can disturb Dindee hehehe. But everyone seems to be in a good dream. As Frances dropped me to my place, I think of all those sleepless nights… and I came to realize that I was made for night life! Or is it really just insomnia due to heat. Oh now look at the time! Now I have to get ready for work!!!

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aileen said...

it's realy freaking hot... anyways hm... i'm made for the night life but not the night shift hahaa! i hate working during the night, but i love partying haha! i just realized its been awhile since i last went out clubbing... no wonder i'm not myself lately hehe! it makes me miss drinking and dancing... haaay... i'm going to go out tom. can't wait hehe! anywyas i'll se yah at tam's birthday right? tc rach! =)