Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ahoy! It’s another month and it’s gonna be a helluva month for everyone! Why, of course it’s the love month! But for those who does not see the significance of Valentines day, for whatever reason, there are other events to take note of - National Month for the Arts (art lovers?!?), Dental Medicine Month and of course… Kid’s Birthday! Yay! And I have good news and bad news for me:
Good news: my vacation leave extending my birthday was approved. Bad news, only for 3 days, and that’d be 7-9. I’d say, not bad eh.

Good news: It’s JCIA training month in MDH and I’m gonna be attending most of them and that would mean more learning for me (and more credentials to put in my CV hehehe). Bad news: training days include Mondays which is my off, and that’d mean that I’d have to adjust my schedule for the month of February and March. It’s a very intoxicating part of my work life –sigh-.

Good news: my credit card limit had increased, therefore I can purchase some items in my birthday wishlist. Bad news: that means more loans for me.

Good news, the megane I left at Dr. Joson’s Beach house in Anilao was found and returned. Bad news, my eye grade have increased and I’ll have to replace that megane eventually…That’s all I could think of for now.

Haay… Life is both blissful and miserable I’d say… paradoxical! And speaking of Dental Month, I haven’t got time to have an appointment with my dentist to fix my dental problem. In fact we’re both very busy –sigh- I hope I could slot an appointment with her during my 3-day vacation.

Events, events! Bad news, I won’t be able to see Peter Pan the Musical Play due to lack of time to get a ticket. But good news is this coming Sunday, Feb. 4, I’ll be attending the Read or Die (ROD) Literary Convention. I’ve had hardly any idea about the event but I expect to have tons of books for sale, and I hope to find the titles that I’ve been looking for ages hehehe. Also I heard that the Radioactive Sago Project and Up Dharma Down Bands will be performing. More about events, I hope I’d get to watch the “Philippine Bedtime Stories” organized by Sinag Arts Foundation on the 25th. The play features Japanese stage actors hehehe.

By the way this month, I pledge to lessen my caffeine intake. NO COFFEE for 28 days! Hehehe, The past three months I’ve been a real coffeeholic. Thanks to the traditional Starbucks Planner promo. For the record I’ve got 6 planners. I have one for myself, the others I gave to my mom, dad, Ate Cherie, Ivy and Dr. Ramirez. But of course, the stub completions are all group effort and most of our coffee sessions were sponsored by Dindee. Going back to my pledge, I won’t be drinking a single drop of coffee but I would still drink hot and iced choco and sodas. Hey I said LESS caffeine neh?) Anyway is the love month and therefore chocolates’ month! HAPPY FEBRUARY everyone!

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