Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oro?!? Something amazing about the date -02-07-2007- eh? OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU!!! Yes I just turned 24! Awww! Last night I watched the last 10 episodes of XXX Holic and the last episode was a reminiscence theme. It’s about Watanuki’s past, about his very first friend which was actually a spirit. In that episode was also Watanuki’s birthday. It’s just that I got excited because there was this caption by his “friend” saying “tomorrow is your birthday ne”. And early this morning, when I was watching episode 8 of Honey & Clover, Takemoto was also celebrating his birthday. Regardless what their actual birthdates are, the bottomline is, it’s my birthday and the day before my birthday when I saw it, and I could only come up with only one conclusion… the heavens is greeting me hahahaha!!!
Anyway, there’s really nothing special. Still the same old me. I’ve received greetings from expected people and some unexpected. What a shame, I have neglected to hear mass first thing in the morning. I overslept. Though I promised to hear mass later this day, in the end my memory lapses prevailed. So what did I do for my special day? I had my brunch at Starbucks Megastrip (Megamall). I’ll be meeting my parents later so I decided I don’t have to each much.. Of course I didn’t take kohi hehehe. I bought my birthday present which is CLAMP No Kiseki Volume 5. Then I met up with my parents for dinner. Ren, Dindee, and Frances came over too. Then Ate Tesie, Kuya Val and Oliver caught up. I’d finally got to blow a birthday cake hehe… I made a wish… a wish without any compensation, because I honestly could not afford to lose anyone or anything that I have right now. Everyone within my world is a necessity to me. Everything went out just fine and when I got home I received a present that Mike left in my dorm. While writing this entry… I thought, everyone seems to be in good shape… and yet, why do I feel something is missing… -sigh- I wouldn’t want my birthday to end with grievances… I want to be optimistic… that everything will be better… better than what I hoped for… after all… God decides what’s best… so I’ll just have to entrust everything to Him… yes that’s right… everything will turn out right… no, better…Happy Birthday Kid (“,x)

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