Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It’s Sri’s birthday! Come to think of it, a lot of significant people are celebrating their birthdays this month. Tomorrow is Matt’s day and the next day is mine –grin-. In the manga world, hats off to CLAMP’s Satsuki Igarashi, her birthday’s on 8th! The very kawaii seiyuu Iwao Junko (I’m talking about her voice ok) on the 18th. And take note of the anime characters: Aerith (7), Subaru & Hokuto Sumeragi (18), Yuki Eiri (23), Cid of FF7 (24), Tsuzuki Asato (24), Touya Kinimoto and Omi Tsukiono(29). Okay I’ve got comprehensive list of birthdays of anime, manga, and game character, mangaka, seiyuu and animators. But I only mentioned those that I know and liked. I’m celebrating the month with lots of people (real and fiction) I like hehehe.

Anyway, lately it’s been very cold even during daytime. I even had this feeling of hating to take a bath because the water temperature really gets to my nerve. And now I have a cold and I’m not really feeling well. But of course, I still manage to check the net, I have to post something since I just attended an event yesterday! The Read or Die Literary Convention! I bought a pre-sold ticket which was lesser than buying it on the event day itself, plus I got a student discount (hehehe, the perks of having a valid student ID!). The event features book fair (of course) and series of lectures concerning Literature. What do you expect on this event is a jam pack of book worms! Now let me just clear myself, I am NOT a bookworm or book enthusiast! 95% of the books I read are Japanese novels hehehe. Though yesterday I bought a fantasy novel by Dianna Wyne Jones, for the sole reason that I’m interested how she writes because she’s the author of “Howl’s moving Castle”. And I’ve also seen an ad caption saying something like if you hate Harry Potter, then this one’s for you… or so… I don’t hate Harry Potter, but I don’t like him either. Anyway, as I was saying, pls. don’t get the wrong idea that I am a bookish person. I have actually pile of titles on the line because I haven’t got time to read, and I still buy new ones?!? Well, I can’t help it, I’m pretty sure I’ll get to read them some other time. I also bought “Obasan” By Joy Ogawa and “Norweigan Wood” by Haruki Murakami. I’m currently reading “Shogun” by James Clavell, it’s a story of a ship pilot who got stranded (along with his crew) in the exquisite and gory shore of feudal Japan. Now this novel is 1000+ pages long, font size 8! And I still have that sequel “Gaijin” which is even longer… and of course I haven’t read Rowland’s “The Dragon King’s Palace”. And they all got stocked up in my phantom bookshelf when I get a hold of XXX Holic series! I’ll talk more about this later, going back to ROD con, I didn’t stay that long to see the band performances because I had to go. My friends came, and I was having thoughts if they’d enjoy the event and find the registration fee worth it… I don’t intend to stay longer anyway. In short, the event just served me as a book fair, no more no less… didn’t see any acquaintances either. But I don’t regret coming. Every event is a learning experience hehehe.

Okay now let’s go to XXX Holic. Now that was sometime in July 2006 when I first seen the anime version of this marvelous title. I only had the first 3 episodes and the movie back then which left hanging and craving hehehe. But the succeeding months were really busy that I’ve forgotten keeping eye for the next episodes. Fortunately, I never ran out of sources. A dear friend hand me a copy of the complete episodes and I now I was really going “holic” watching it. I’m already at the 12th episode. And that was the reason why I stopped reading hehehe. Last night I was watching episode 10 “Lamplight”. It’s scary episode, the main chara-Yuuko, Doumeki, Himawari and Watanukim were playing Hyaku Monogatari. Just a 22 minute story scared the hell out of me I swear! Hehehe… anyway, I really don’t want my blog entries to be long, so I’m signing off.

I’m so happy to see the animated version of Kazahaya and Rikuou from Gohou Drug!

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