Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pyrolympics Aftermath

Yipeee!!! I just discovered that the wifi signal of our virtual library extends to our office! Now this is absolutely free internet! The good news is I have finally uploaded some pics to my multiply account. Haay, that’s one task down. Okay you could view it HERE!

Last weekend I watched the 2007 Pyrolympics with Dindee and Fars. As expected millions, upon millions (hehehe), Filiponos came, every road and commercial establishments were jam packed. You could just imagine. And that was just the price we had to pay for the two 15-20 minutes fireworks display. Until now I could not decide whether it was worth the time and energy. Okay, the fireworks were magnificent especially that of Philippines’! Man I was really stunned! I was able to see two other competing countries last week, and I was not that amazed (and the no. of people was also lesser). But China and Philippines’ exhibition of pyros were really amazing. We situated at the MDC Campus which was really convenient because the guard did not allow non-Manila Doctors/Metrobank people to come in. Anyway, the China’s started at around 9:00 in the evening. Man, China’s fireworks were really grand! Though I couldn’t really explain exactly how they surpassed the other countries. But what really surprised me was the Philippine’s exhibition. At first I was very jaded, I do admit that I have this “I’m -impressed-with-Japanese-only” attitude. But entered the first shot of Pinoy’s fireworks, I was really… ohmigosh! That was soooo coool!!! Our fireworks were really big and loud and bright and colorful and… and… okay, just like the others huh. But we had this spontaneous effect that reminded me of our mixed-influence culture that resulted from different regime of various nations. Well anyways, my favorite part was this sperm cell-like fireworks and the final piece which was a continuous big sparks then leaving colorful light bulbs suspended in air for more than 30 seconds. It was really cool!!! Okay after the show came the hardest part of all – going home! The vehicles hardly ever move, you’d think the road was a parking lot. So my friends and I decided to stop for a bite and wait till the jam fade off but lo and behold every damn food chain and restaurant was full house! And I was really needing to pee!!! Yes the toilets were also fully booked with millions of ladies in the line. Haaay, it was 2 hours after when I finally settled for a pee. I got home at around 2:30 in the morning and take note that it the traffic was still slow moving at 2:00 that you’d think it’s only 7:00 in the evening. Before I went to sleep, I thought to myself was all this energy draining day worth for the fireworks? Yeah you bet. For experience’s sake, yes. But I swore that this’ll never happen again. I won’t go to pyrolympics next year. Unless… hehehehe

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