Thursday, January 11, 2007

Haay, I’ve neglected writing anime, manga and book reviews. As I have mentioned before, I hardly have the chance to watch and read. Yeah right, for the moment I am reading “Men & Cartoons” by Jonathan Lethem and I have just finished reading “The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria” by Laura Joh Rowland. I’ll try to write a review on these stuffs when I have the mood.
But I’d like to share that I was actually able to take a break during holidays. And what I did? I watched 51 episodes of Bioman! Yes that ol’ classic sentai series that my siblings used to love -nostalgia spill-. I got all the episodes during my DVD shopping last month. It’s really a good thing (not!) that those all-episodes-in-one-DVD are blooming. At least a non-rich-kid who’s got no time for TV shows like me can have a bonding moment with that ol’ “wonder” box teehee… Okay, going back to the series, I was quite amazed when I was actually able to withstand a Bioman marathon. Sure I loved this series when I was a kid, but if I would be objective, the plot and cinema aesthetic is just too cheesy and flimsy FOR AN ADULT WHO had seen, say, Spirited Away, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Battle Royale, etc. I have to admit, that I enjoyed watching it now because of sentimental reasons. But of course, I love the OST and I find the Bio-boys (Red1, Green2, Blue3) cute hehehe. Even my siblings watched with me, though only my brothers watched it till the end.

The act of gently pinching the ears is a symbol of sincerity, so if you have a true friend and you want to tell how much you appreciate him/her, give him a BIO-GREETING - Bioman

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