Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Haay, my vacation leave is over. I’m back to work. I didn’t really go anywhere (out of town) during my 2 weeks vacation except in Anilao, Batangas. I got exhausted but man, my 2 days stay at Anilao was really a blast. There were so many things that I’ve done for the first time. Cool stuffs! But first, let me acknowledge Dr. Joson’s family. They were very generous and accommodating, and just like him, they are very meek people. They are a very ideal family indeed.

Okay, on to the activities, we went snorkeling, and I find it really cool to see various kinds of fishes under the sea. It may not be as cool as scuba diving, but it’s what we could afford hehe. At least I know how it feels to be in an aquarium, very huge aquarium haha. Damn, I accidentally drank sea water, salt water that is, and the feeling really sucks! I felt a tinge of pain ran through my throat, darn I hate it. But it was just a little amount, I just hope I won’t get any GI disease. Then I also did paddling using wind surfing board. It was much more fun than swimming, I was able to get at least 1 km – 2km (I think) away from the shore, and it just felt like I’m in the middle of the sea, and I’m surrounded by mountains, and it was raining… my! What a perfect mood to get emotional… my only regret was I didn’t have any pics while doing those things, our cams are not water-proofed –sigh- well maybe next time. As expected, I’ve eaten more than I should, so I expect to gain weight again! Oh no! Then I played Two Hits and Poker with Aris and Ren, just a friendly game, our bet wouldn’t exceed P3 hehehe. Damn, I lost P20, I should’ve never played with professional gamblers hehehe. But it was really fun. At night, a power failure occurred so all of us stayed at a mini-cottage and had a chat. We were just crapping at one another hehehe, our discussion didn’t make any sense, but we had fun

Haha, I forgot to tell that June 24, 1983 is the official birthday of Azunodignis Mikaenki… it’s a world that Sherry, Sri and I created. The name itself means anime. The language is something we created for ourselves hehehe, but the name actually means “anime” and it’s birth is just a numerical combination of our birthdays. Hehehe, I just want to write it here so I won’t forget… (",x)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Whew, I just got home. I came from CCP and watched the Condors’ Conquest of the Galaxy: Jupiter, with my 3rd yr. BFA classmates. We were required by our professor in Nihonggo to attend. Well, even if we weren’t required, I would still attend anyway. Anyways, Condors is a group of Japanese male stage performers dressed in gakuren. The production is a mixture of dance, live music, puppet show, etc. There were series of dance performance with funny antics ,drawn from pop culture, in between. Well, considering they are in Manila, most of the flicks featured were contemporary Philippine pop culture, there was even a part that one actor sang an excerpt of the song “Pinoy Ako” by Orange and Lemons. But my favorite was a story about this middle age man who’s a frustrated football player working in a call center in Makati, who can’t get over his football passion. Haha, it was really hilarious…

Anyways, today is the last day of my VL -sigh- Good thing tomorrow is (holiday) Manila Day and at the same time it’s Dr. Hogar’s birthday and we’ll be celebrating it at Dr. Joson’s rest house in Anilao Batangas. It’s a beach, but I don’t think I’ll be able to swim (because I dunno how) or even take a dip, I’m actually not prepared for it… but we have lots of food to munch hehehe… Awww, it’s gonna ruin my diet again, but this events comes once in a blue moon so why not make the most out of it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It’s Kenshin’s 157th birthday.. well the man’s dead okay, rather, his character… Ruroken’s over, yeah… but he lives on my heart… he lives on every RK fan’s heart…cheesy huh, but let me be, because it’s for Kenshin… anything for my no. 1… character… haha, Let’s see how much I remember Kenshin a.k.a. Hitokiri Battousai, Shinta (his real name), blood type’s AB, height 5’2”, weight-around 50 kg (hey isn’t that overweight?), of course, birthday June 20, 1849…. Hmmm, occupation - former assassin under the Chousu Clan, Ishin Shishi government royalist, Kamiya Kashin Ryu Dojo free loader, and of course, rurouni hehehe… and yeah, he’s Kid’s no. 1 lover (in her dreams haha). Likes and dislikes, killing (yes, he’s paradoxical)… hmmm, he’s very friendly with kids (and Kid hehe)… kenjutsu technique: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Now let me dissect this a little, HMR variations: Do ryu sen, Ryu Tsui Sen, Sou Ryu Sen, Kuzu Ryu Sen, Kaguzuchi, Amakakeru no Hirameki (the strongest)… weapons: katana and kodachi (Tokugawa era), sakabattou (Meiji era)… trademark: red headed bishie with cross scar on his left cheeks… special abilities: reading one’s emotion, god-like speed, very good with household chores hahaha.. hmmm… okay that’s it! I’m the worst Kenshin fan breathing! If I were a “true” fan indeed, my 40 GB hard disk capacity wouldn’t be enough to write and store all the things about Kenshin, good or bad. But all I know is that this man, had inspired me the most. He has this uncanny skills in kenjutsu, but he’d always keep this meek personality, low profiled yet highly respected by high officials, selfless, … well there are more about him, too many in fact, but what makes him different from any other SHOUNEN manga/anime hero, well, at least for me, his height and very young looks, and of course his ability to do household chores! Why, I’m such a couch potato at home, I would want my partner to do ALL the chores for me. (Hehe, hey applicants out there, that’s another requirement). But seriously speaking, the greatest inspiration I got from Kenshin, is seeing his life as something not his. We’d often argue with people who’d remind us to live wisely and appropriately, we’d often reason “this is my life, you don’t give a shit how I live it”. But in fact it really was never our own… aside from the fact that it’s something lent from UP above, it’s also to those who love us, who care for us… I admit, there have been times that I’d feel it’s not worth living, but the thought of my family and friends shedding tears for me, is even worse… the thought that the loss of my life would cause a heavier burden to people I care, tells me to keep on moving… that was something Kenshin figured when he was completing his training with Seijiro Hiko…well that’s just one, there are just so many things I’ve learned from RK, things that I’ve been applying to my life… if my decisions in life makes me a stronger person, I’d have to thank Kenshin… to the best anime character there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be (hehehe, guess where I got that), HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! –ummmmwahhhh- (“,x)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Greetings & Toycon...

-yawn- it’s Father’s Day! I just want to greet the best dad in the whole world! My Fodsie Dodsie… well, okay, I did already, I even bought him his favorite Hopiang Ube hehehe.

I just finished editing the pics I got from Toycon (day 1). Oh yeah, how was it. Well if I’d be speaking of the event, it turned out pretty well. With 170 cosplayers, mostly are new faces to me, I’d say, the anime, rather, the cosplay community wouldn’t die soon hehe… well, I felt really envious…. How I wished I were part of the group back then. But I really have no one to blame but myself… well, my slump state that is… I’m not sure when is the next J-event, but I wish I could think of a character that would suit my appearance and personality (and taste) –sigh- and yeah, as I thought, it was really depressing to be on the bazaar, eyeing on some stuff, yet I got no cash to purchase them –sigh- hmmm, I just wish that nobody bought that Akira action figure that I wanted… well, what else, they got decent bands to perform. I can’t remember the names, but they were good, not the usual garage bands (sort of) I’ve heard during the past events…

A bishie cosplayer caught my attention, he’s name’s Diego… I have no idea whoever he was cosplaying, but I didn’t bother. He’s so damn cute, he looks like a younger version of Dr. C*** hmmm, I wonder if some of my friends know him. He’s really cute, I can’t stop taking pictures of him… now there goes my fangirl instincts hehehe… darn, I wanted to get his number and email address, but when I was following him already, I saw a girl beside him –sigh- erase that stalking plan. But when I get to see him again, I’ll ask for his contacts when he’s alone… surely hehehe… I realized, it’s time for me try something like this hehehe…

Also, I was glad to see friends that I haven’t seen (and heard) for a long time. Chris, well, what’s with the curly hair on the back, he looks more slut than ever haha… Neitaro, waah, really, it’s been ages since I’ve heard something from her. She’s much cuter than ever. And of course, those cosplayers that I’ve met from past events, but oh, I’m just so cruel to have forgotten their name when they remember mine! Kido ga hidoi!

And here’s another funny story. When I was watching the program, I took a seat in the front row. Suddenly I realized that the girl beside me kept smiling at me. Then she asked me, this is you right? She showed her mobile phone with my pic when I cosplayed Soujiro during the 1st UP-AME con. So I said “oh yeah, that’s me”. Then she showed another pic, this time I’m not cosplaying, just in my plain clothes. It was taken during the 2nd UP-AME event. Always in UP huh? Anyway, I felt guilty again that she remembered me, yet I never remember her. So this time, I took the initiative “hey let’s take a pic, so I won’t forget you hehehe”. And finally I asked for her name, well if it isn’t fate or something, her name’s Rachel hahaha! Now here’s the funny part, I asked her how old she is –I’ve been trying to identify the age range of my fandom hahaha-, and I was really surprised to hear that she was 21 already. Whoa! I thought you’re on you’re teens only, say 16-18… yeah I really thought. She just smiled. Then she asked me, “how about you?” – “oh, I’m 23” and then she and her little sister were even more shocked… they actually thought I was 12. Now that’s exaggerating. But it always happens… this is nothing new hehehe…

Going back to the event, we (my buddies) went off after the cosplay catwalk… we chat a little with friends… and headed to food court for a Pica-pica… yeah, by the way, I brought my co-staff, Neil with me. I’m glad to see that he had fun. And yeah, I was surprised when he took Mike and Paolo’s cell numbers, he’s such a loner in the office, so I’m glad to see that he’s making friends with my friends. And yeah, when we had our group pic, I realized that they’re all guys with me hahaha…well Jam was originally with us earlier, but she left a little early. Anyway, setting my personal frustrations aside, it’s worth coming… after all, this is TOY con we’re talking about.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It’s raining real hard, I just got enrolled. I only have 3 subjects – Computer 2, Arts Appreciation (again), and Nihonggo, YAY! Anyways, now that I’m not so busy, my mind is in chaos again… things will get complicated from now on… I have to expect for the worst to come… it’s something that I hate to imagine… What will I do? I’m just alone in this battle. No one can really help me now…. God… just what do you intend to do with this pathetic fool… mushrooming problem, one after another… I’m not that strong… all this time, I’ve been keeping up a strong front… a happy face… but it’s just because no one would understand… damn… I shouldn’t be getting emotional at times like this… I should remember that I have always got through different crisis before… this is no time to be thinking of giving up… but still, I don’t know… because anything that involves my family is just too much to take.

By the way, I slept at past 5AM today, reading yaoi mangas given by Sakuma, damn, it’s so overwhelming, but at the same time, blood-pumping hehehe… I also watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (all 14 eps) and read Death Note (I’m already chapter 61). And Monching’s wife Wilma got back from Japan. She gave me a G Gundam 1/144 Model kit as omiyage… and Cyrus was just so hyperactive last night bragging all the Gundam kits that his mom bought for him… but he’ll be back in Cavite when his classes start, (probably today) and I’m really gonna miss him… indeed it was a long night for night for me last night….

And yeah, today is a very special day… someone so dear just turned a year older… this pathetic fool has not run out of hope… that one miraculous day would come, that you’ll understand how I feel… it doesn’t matter if you consider me a bad part of your past… but you’ll always be special to me… no matter what… I will never blame you for all this pain… I will never resent you. My words may never reach you… but someday… someday… surely… anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY –muahhugs-

Monday, June 12, 2006

I’m home (Tanay) right now. I’ve met with my cousin this afternoon to handover something. I was surprised to see how tall Matt was. Well, I learned that he was circumcised this summer haha.

Yesterday, I went to Mall of Asia again, with Sherry (again) but this time I tagged along Mike. Hmmm, we played at Power Station (again), and we ate at Wendy’s. After eating, we reminisce about the old days. Our ‘crappy’ college days haha… and much of time we were laughing with our past. But it’s really amazing how we could laugh out loud like that just looking back. And I never really thought that she had been missing the old days too. Mike must’ve had an idea how fun my college life was with my buddies. Even when we got home (I stayed at Sherry’s place), we just kept on talking our crappy moments during college. I swear, a day would not be enough to tell all we’d been through. I guess we just wanted those times when depression was never a part of our vocabulary… when all we ever worry was how to obtain those anime stuffs we wanted, cramming with our studies, beating the deadline for requirements, and sometimes, dealing with nauseating people (be it professor, admin personnel or fellow students) hehe. It’s too bad that Sri wasn’t with us yesterday. Damn, that girl, always busy…

oh look at the date… two days to go and… hmmm… to greet or not to greet? -bloated-

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Death Note

Ooh, notice the date -06/06/06- hmmm does it tell something like doomsday or anything like it? Talk about misfortune, I didn’t come to work today, I’m not feeling well, but I realized, it sucks more to get stuck in the boarding house, thank goodness there’s a phone. But this have to be real quick because if the owner finds out that I have this laptop, he’ll charge me for the electricity I’m consuming… Going back to doomsday, kinda related to my addiction right now. Well not exactly, but it has something to do with death and judgment hehe…

I’m currently hooked on “Death Note” a manga by Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi. Now, I haven’t had any information on the creators, except that I know that Obata Takeshi is the manga artist of “Hikaru no Go”. Anyway, just a background, I first came across this manga a couple of years ago, it was just a one shot pilot manga that I’ve read, but it was so interesting that I wished there were more. 2 years fast forward, lo & behold there is actually a series! A friend gave me the complete scanlations (12 tankoubons!). Also, sometime ago, I learned that it’d be adapted into anime, though I can’t remember if it’ll be a TV series, OVA or movie… whatever it is, it’s something for me to look forward.

Okay now let’s get on with my review. Death Note is a supernatural notebook used by shinigamis in taking the lives of humans. The mechanics is simple, they just write the name of the person and imagine his face (this way, people sharing the same name won’t get affected), then write the cause of death and its details in a specified span of time, and the details would take effect. If the cause is not written after 40 seconds, the person would immediately die of a heart failure. Enter Ryuku, a bored shinigami, who’s tired of seeing the monotonous activities of his fellow reapers. So what he did was, he purposely dropped his death note, if only to watch what a human might do with it. When a death note was accidentally picked up by a human, he gains the ability to see the shinigami who owns it, and that shinigami would follow him everywhere he go. The notebook can only be retrieved if that human dies or had the notebook fully filled. The human have the option to give it to someone else or return it to the shinigami who owns it if he doesn’t want to use the notebook. But in doing so, all of his memory of the death note and the shinigami will be erased. Lucky for Ryuku, his death note was accidentally picked by the genius –and gorgeous- Raito Yagami. Your ‘usual’ teenager who always got the highest scores on national exams. After reading the instructions, he first thought of it as a bluff. But his curiosity proved him wrong, when he tried using it and saw its effectivity, he came up with the idea of building a better world, by eliminating the criminals using the death note. When Ryuku and Raito met, Ryuku was surpised to learn that Raito had entered significant number of names (all criminals) in such a short period of time. This made Ryuku happy, and remarked how interesting humans think (of course!). The fun starts when an international intelligence agency took note of unusual deaths of most wanted criminals which took place on the same day, and of the same cause –heart failure. A mass murder, it must be. Enter L, the world’s greatest detective, whose real identity and image was kept in secret. But the FBI highly trusted him because he solved every case given to him and his deductions were always correct. He immediately identified that the deaths are not mere coincident, that a person is behind these deaths. He instantly determined that the culprit is in Japan, based on the first murders that occurred. This notion was supported when they made it appear the L is aware of this murder, by faking a TV announcement in Japan, and imposed a fake L. When Raito saw the fake L, by the name Lindt Taylor –whose also a detainee sentenced for death penalty- on TV, he immediately killed Lindt. L immediately identified the requirements for Raito to kill his target, which is by knowing its name and face. Raito (though unidentified) gained fans and followers with his actions and was called as “Kira” . The quest to find Kira started, FBI agents and L’s right hand man were deployed to Japan and collaborated with Japanese police to work on the case. Another interesting fact is that the leader of the Japanese investigation team was Raito’s father.

Okay I’ll stop from here, giving more information would spoil it. Now, for my personal views, to date, this is the best ‘detective story’ I’ve ever encountered. Combining paranormal situations with realistic and superb analysis of events, this is not your usual Sherlock Holmes, Conan Edogawa or Sano Ichiro stories. And the fact that there is no branded villain in this SHONEN manga, makes it outstand the other shonen manga I’ve read. It’s not a battle of good versus evil but an argument of proper delivery of justice. It’s not a mere pursuing of a culprit plot, but a battle of wits between the L and Kira. And what makes it more interesting is the developing love & hate relationship between the pursuer and the one being pursued. This is a topnotch manga. Every brain stimulating freaks would definitely enjoy it much more than Da Vinci Code –oh there goes this Japanese-biased kid hehehe- Plus Takeshi’s design of shinigamis is quite astounding to me, they’re not the stereotypical skeletons in cloak nor the bishie Tsuzuki and Hisoka f or the bashful Ichigo (is that right Bleach fans?). Everything in this manga was rather new and innovative to me.

Hmmm, if I’d have a deathnote, who would I write there? Maybe I’d be doing the same thing that Raito did. Those crooks who committed heinous crimes, those corrupt government officials starting with GMA, FVR, Cory and Erap hehehe… anyone who’d try to hurt my family… anyone who’d try to hurt –toooot- (and there goes my stubbornness!). Now back to more reading I’m already at chapter 37.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Ahoy, it’s another month and it has been very fruitful this past few days…

The other day we had a blood donation drive here at MDH. Hehe, our office had a 100% participation! It was the first time I ever donated blood, and it didn’t turned out right (quite)… well, donors undergo screening and physical examination… I passed the screening… and everything was ok… until I’m done with blood-letting. I stayed in the bed for 15 more minutes, then I went back to the office, then I went after my colleagues who’ll be donating blood too. Then I told Dr. Hogar that I’d take pictures while she’s “bleeding”. Then my dizziness started… I felt my vision deteriorating, and the noise seemed toning down… and there I go, I went after Fars and complained that I feel dizzy… she texted my boss to ask for assistance, but I couldn’t bear anymore, I swear I wanted to lie down because I knew that I might collapse at any minute, so I opted to go up. On our way to the office, my boss ran into us, and then we went straight to ‘other’ QM office. There, we have bed foams, which we used during surveillance (for our overnight duties). The moment I saw those beds, I couldn’t wait to lie down… haay, what a relief (back then)… then our Chief Medtech and one of the Head Nurse came to the rescue. Ma’am Sonia administered first aid measures, while sir Arvin took my blood pressure… it appeared that my BP fluctuated from 110/70 to 80/60 *sigh* I’m such a weakling…

And then yesterday I went on leave, I went to PAG-IBIG again, only to find out that my check isn’t prepared yet. One of their staff told me to come back today –again- damn, I just hate these government offices! Anyways, I was also about to apply for TIN ID, but I noticed that it was almost 12:00 NN when I got out of PAG-IBIG, I decided I’ll just defer the ID application, I’m sure those government employees would shun me, because it’s almost break time.. and I’d be instructed to return after lunch…. Really, government offices sucks! I just don’t understand, they have better compensation and benefits, yet they deliver poor service!

Anyways, the reason I defer the TIN ID was because I got a sudden notice of interview from Accenture. The venue was at Cybergate building along Pioneer, Mandaluyong. Of course I didn’t know how to get there so I dropped by at the office just to go online, and have some of my credentials photocopied. I asked my friends how to get there. I got the directions and headed to Cybergate. The interview lasted 1 hour –whew-. There were two interviewers, one was via speaker phone while the other one was right in front of me. It went alright, I swear I was much more confident than my interviews here in MDH. However, I don’t think I’d be considered for further screening. Considering I told them that I would prefer a flexitime schedule, to accommodate my studies of course. I am being eyed for the PMO group, I forgot what it meant, but it basically is in-charge of resource management for Accenture clients. But like I mentioned, I stressed my high priority on my studies, instead I told them was that I may consider deferring my study plans if the offer is RIGHT. Right? It’s too early to assume but I’m not keeping my hopes up. hmmm, maybe I should just grab those call center offers (damn, I ditched 2 call center interviews already!) just to accommodate my demand on schedule. And speaking of schedule, my 12 NN – 8 PM sched in the office is back! Anyways, whether I passed the interview or not, I don’t regret coming there, I felt that the interview was fruitful and was a very good learning experience.