Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Tradition Begins

I just got my first sticker for the 2009 Starbucks Planner with a Short Classic Hot Choco, this is the cheapest that I can buy at Starbucks. This year, the planner is less glamorous but the required stickers were also reduced. Last year, the elegant leathered planner can be obtained for 24 stickers, now it's only 16! I wonder if it has something to do with the global economic crisis. I was able to get the planner last year for a record breaking 6 days! I forced my friends to buy coffee, that's why hehehe. Now, I'm all alone in this battle so it'll definitely take time. My friend Aristurtle, who's also celebtrating his ??th birthday keeps on updating me thru SMS the progress of his sticker collection. At 4:00, he told me he already had 7 stickers. By 5:00, he informed it's 6 stickers to go. At 6:00 it went down to 2. And by 7:00 he already got the planner! Hmp! so he broke my record! So what, the planner is not that MUST to get anyway... but I was really dying of envy huhuhu

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