Sunday, November 02, 2008

As a Filipino Catholic, I've always found myself celebrating Nov. 1 in Tanay Municipal Cemetery together with my kins (maternal side) to commemorate our Grandparents, Uncle Tony, Great grandmother and other relatives who passed away. Where was great grandfather buried by the way?

Over the years, I, again, noticed how times have changed with the way we celebrate this supposedly All Saints Day. When I was younger, it was like an extension of our playtime. We held this unofficial competition of making balls out ot of melted candles. The biggest ball gets the spotlight. There was no prize but I guess it determined our competency hehe. It was also a time when we get to listen to scary stories and I remember how we looked forward to Magandang Gabi Bayan's All Saints Day special usually aired on the first Saturday of November. We had no Halloween parties, trick or treats or whatsoever. And yeah, it was always raining on November 1.

The last November 1s had become a forum of what's new or what's hot. Who got married or who got pregnant. Expressions of work grievances... plans to get the latest cell phones... etc.. etc... And yesterday, I didn't get to see most of my cousins and aunts. Plus I've noticed that the number people were significantly lesser. They must be very busy or something. Not that it's a big deal, I'm not getting emotional over something like this. But why is it that the older we grow the more it seems that all days of the year have become nothing more than regular days.

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