Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Name Game

I heard that my first (thru a sibling) niece's name is

Romana Rubiosa Milagrose

I'm not sure if that's the official spelling but when I first heard of it, I thought it was expected from Richard. Romana was taken from my mom's name, while Rubiosa was from his mother-in-law.I told my mom, she should be happy, but she disapproves. She said that it can be a source of mockery in the future and I jokingly told her that there's nothing she can do, she's not the parent hehehe...

My personal opinion about it is, it's too long. I mean Romana is fine, Romana Rubiosa is acceptable, but add another one is just too much for me. Another niece of mine, Jona's daughter, is named Tessa Almira Miel (TAM for short). What's with these parents? Why give your child three names? I understand the uniqueness reasoning but have they ever thought of the burden it can cause their children for their future school years? Imagine they'll have to write the long name almost everyday for a minimum of 14 years!

well, I'm a lazy pig to the bone...that's me. But my mom is right, weird names can be a cause of mockery among children. I myself, admit that funny names never failed to catch my attention.

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