Thursday, May 25, 2006

Aww, finally our surveillance audit is through. The auditors are currently convening a closing meeting with the unit heads at the 12th floor, I’m supposed to be there but somebody influential reprimanded me for not wearing uniform. She’s currently in the meeting too, I’m just avoiding another reprimand from someone who doesn’t even have the right to… I honestly intended to wear one if I wasn’t so busy this morning. FYI, Dr. *toot*! I’ve been here in the office since 8 AM yesterday! No sleep! Just to prepare the documents that the auditor might look for! Damn, some people are just so narrow minded… besides, she’s not in the position to reprimand me! Oh people… anyways, the audit went on fine… I honestly would not want to talk about work right now… I just want to rest… I’ve been deprived of it lately… anyways, I got a new book, (second hand of course hehe). It’s “The Last Samurai”… it’s completely different from the movie okay… it’s a story about a mother and boy… about finding his father… I’m glad that I have something to read and make me sleepy at night hehe… my PC only makes me more alive, and therefore eating my sleeping time hehe… for now, I’m just relieved that I can get MORE sleep! Yay!

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hikaru said...

okay, so thats the reason why you sounded that way :D

take care always :D