Friday, May 19, 2006

Ahhh, it’s my 5th cup of coffee, I’m still at the office, loaded with paper works (mountains of papers hehehe)… and it’s gonna be like this for the next 6 calendar days –sigh- anyways, I have the June 13 to look forward to, the start of my long VL hehehe… this afternoon I was unexpectedly called by my former boss, and he was asking me a favor, he wants me to work on the unmarked newspapers in his office, which was taller than Mt. Apo –sigh-… I’m starting to hate all kinds of papers hehehe… aww, how exaggerating, well he still is my boss in principle (indirectly), besides he’s giving me the choice at my own convenience. And I have to admit that I owe him for everything I’ve learned when I was still in his office. And let me clear again that I don’t hate papers, my greatest inspirations originated from papers (manga characters) ehehe… anyways, wish me luck for our surveillance audit –crossing fingers-

aww man, i need a hair cut...

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hikaru said...

ive noticed this since last week... nice jacket :D