Friday, March 23, 2012

Sick! Ugh!!!

I hate to break bad news, but I’m sick! Literally. I’ve been having fever since Tuesday morning, I’ve had my medical checkup the next day, they found higher than normal count of WBC in my CBC test, so I was diagnosed with bacterial infection. Really? If you know me, you’d know that I make extra effort to avoid infection and anything viral. I hate being sick and not being able to do anything and I hate subjecting my body to antibiotics and other medications. I mean, I spray lysol around the house from time to time, I bathe my hands with sterilium everytime I get home from work, sometimes I would bring it at work when I’m extra paranoid about a bacterial outbreak, I even bought my own snorkel so I won’t have to rent one during my travels to the beach (I know those snorkels for rent are sterilized after use, but what if the keeper forgot or got lazy to sterilize it?). And yet this?!? And this is not the first time my body was subjected to viral infections, but so far this is the worst! It’s horrible! I am getting traumatized and I am an inch close to wearing face mask and gloves everytime I had to go out of the house. I like Howie Mandel but I don’t wanna be like him. I want a normal life, and this illness I’m having is NOT normal. At least my fever have subsided and now I have sufficient energy to update people on what’s going on. I expect the fever to go up later and by that time, I will be bed ridden once again. I sincerely hope I'm wrong!

I like taking a break from work once in a while but it sucks to be unproductive for so long. I am losing a lot of money because of this. When my temperature goes up to 39̊C I can’t do anything, not even watch TV, read a book or wind up my music boxes. I'm too weak to enjoy anything, I’m helpless. If anything good has come out from this unfortunate incident, well, I’m becoming more and more religious (dear Lord, please make me well very soon) and I also promised myself to be nicer to people. I plan to eat healthier foods (veggies) and probably stop [bleeping the deep dark secret] before going to sleep (I had to bleep that because it's embarrassing for my age and I don't want to be misjudged of lacking attention, I've had more attention than I need, in fact I'm being pampered like a baby right now). Oh boy, I can't wait to get well and be a better person.

Oh God, I just wanna get better! Please L

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Che said...

i'm praying for your speedy recovery. can't wait for the return of a "better" kidd. :)